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It’s Chinese New Year!!!


It’s my year! Currently not shy to admit that. I’m 24. The next cycle, I probably won’t announce that. Cause it’ll be 12 years later! Not great according to the Chinese Calendar. If it’s the Year of the Dog, and you’re born in that year, often it doesn’t bode well for you. So expect me to blame everything that goes sideways this year on this fact. Lol.

The day children miraculously become super well behaved and respectful.



Truly. Why? You ask. Well. For the dough duh!


This is a long withstanding tradition of Chinese families.

For my family, on the Eve of CNY we have Steamboat. It’s not uncommon. Very often coined Reunion Dinner. Abalone, meatballs, prawns all cooked in a pot of boiling broth. Having the soup at the end of the meal, is just sublime. All the flavors of sessions passed linger in the now complex flavorsome broth. Then usually proceeded by some light spirited gambling. Common games would be Mahjong, Black Jack, Poker and Pretty much any card game.

Then comes the First day of CNY. Where all people unmarried and young get to receive their red packets. The feeling is joyous. Free money!!! The unmarried part only goes up to you’re 30, and that’s pushing it already. Lol. After 30, just suck it up and prepare some Red Packets. Parents usually also get Red Packets from their kids as a token of appreciation.

The cycle is. Mom & Dad gives Grams & Gramps gives Me & You. Tadah!

Other than the cold hard cash, yet another thing to look forward to is indulgence! All kinds of goodies are bought for the festive occasion. Bak Kwa (Some kinda BBQ Pork of Sorts), Sweets, Sugary Liquids. It’s a time to let yourself loose and allow your waist to expand. Since its the Chinese NEW YEAR. Time for some NEW Resolutions! Haha.

Like for the year 2016 according to the Chinese, I shall look toward losing a chunk of weight, and come out 2017 looking like a supermodel.

& for the next two days, most people aren’t working, and it’s just gonna be enjoying families company, friends even. Being slightly carefree and indulging ourselves.

Wishing all readers good health, good wealth and prosperity.

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