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UPDATE: New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App

Almost immediately after my post was out. After getting my friends interested and on the verge of signing up. THEY CHANGED THEIR MEMBERSHIP PLAN!

big mistake Passport Asia.

  • Four Star Pass: at SGD 54 this is the smart supplement to your weekly fitness routine. Allows you to book four classes per month.
  • Six Star Pass: combine value and variety at SGD 76. Allows you to book six classes per month.
  • Eight Star Pass: always on track to reach your fitness goals at SGD 98. Allows you to book eight classes per month.
  • Platinum Pro Pass: challenge yourself with a daily workout. Allows you to book up to 31 classes per month at SGD 179.

Gone is $9.99 trial. Gone is the $99 unlimited excess. This is some major inflation bruh.

We were all 101% ready to sign up for Passport Asia, but now. We’ve diversified.




Kfit has a pretty straightforward concept.

Either a Basic plan for $0, but how do they make money?

Well here’s the catch. you only get 1 lesson per month. It’s literally for you to just give it a try. If I’m not wrong it’ll last for 2 months. So you get to try out 2 activities.

Or, All Access Membership, for $99 per month. Normally there’s all sorts of promo codes available and discounts for you to slash that $99 significantly for the first month. Similar to Uber, if your friends sign up, you get $20 off. It’s an all or nothing kind of situation.

But comparing $99 to $179. It’s way more worth it, and you’re not restricted to 31 classes. You could go for 32 if you like. Just to be rebellious. Haha. Plus another fun thing about Kfit, they don’t just have Yoga Studios, Gyms and purely exercising partners. They also have recuperation partners that offer you spas and saunas. Isn’t that wonderful?

Fun things you could do with friends like Trampolining, cycling or even giving it a go at Wavehouse. It’s truly a pass to try out many different new things, and if you feel like giving your workout a miss to have some pampering. Why not!? Go right ahead.

Kfit is also available in various Asian countries.

So there you go guys.

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