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Where is my VISA!?



Don’t we all have sudden panic attacks. Did I leave my phone somewhere? Did I drop my money at the shopping mall just now?!

I have many of these moments, because I just love, for convenience sake to take out my debit card.. My identification card… My student card.. My ez-link card.. & I forget to put it back into my wallet 9/10 times.

So today! I had a tuition lesson at Bugis. Oh my lord. I panicked so hard. I had like $6 in my wallet. Obviously to be on the safe side you should carry like at least $10 bucks when traveling beyond your neighborhood area.

My tutee messaged me to inform me that he’ll be late. Like 15mins late. So I was like YES! I have time to look for my card. I was scurrying all over looking for that bloody card. I even logged in to the DBS App to check my last charge on the card to give me a clue of where it could be. Alas. Fuck it. I went to Bugis with just $6. Couldn’t even get the Large size drink at Coffeebean. FML. Seriously I wished we were at a hawker center or something. When the barista keyed in the first order wrong, I was like oh shit, its $7.90?! I thought it was $6.50. How am I going to pay for that. Thankfully. She realized her error. Phew. Can’t say I would’ve known better. I don’t go to Coffeebean often.

On the way home, all I could think about is Where the Fuck is my card. Did I drop it. Could someone be holding 0n to it. What if they use it. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Finally reached home. Scrambled all over the house like a rock hitting a school of fishes. FINALLY I FOUND IT! Thank goodness. Was starting to lose my mind a bit.

Conclusion, couldn’t collect my Yoga mat cause I opted for Cash on Delivery. Bummer.

Couldn’t go to the vet to pick up my dog’s deworming pills.

Cash is King. Truly. All of the above will carry forward to Sunday’s to-do list. 😦


Update: I’m still aching from just 2 20mins Yoga session from yesterday. WTF.

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