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New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App


APP icon looks something like this.


Basically what it is, is sort of like a multi-gym subscription. So what you can do if you’re interested, is to purchase a “PASS”

SGD9.99 [TRIAL] for a WHOLE MONTH of unlimited lessons, but only for 1 class. Which means for instance, Yoga by one establishment. Though it’s really affordable, and for most establishments you’d at least see one class per day, but the downside is that you won’t be able to enjoy the true benefits of this Passport App. Why? Because in my head. You’re suppose to be an individual on the go, always with a spare change of clothes. Hmmm… Have an hour to spare? Heck yeah, let’s whip out our App & see what workouts are nearby, then off you go to get your sweat on.

On the other hand though, SGD9.99 is really a great price if you’re thinking like, I want to learn some Taekwando or Akido, some discpline of martial arts. Normally even for outside lessons, you’d attend them once a week. So being able to attend every few days already ensures that you learn faster.

SGD59 [BASIC] Similar structure. But instead of 1 class. You get to pick up to 4 classes.

SGD 99.99 [UNLIMITED] You know what this means. All access to all they have to offer. Which boasts of 40,000 different activities available to sign up for.

A quick download of the APP would already display their comprehensive list of activities offered. Which I think is really great. If you’re unsure about whether you’d like an activity or a class. You can always try it out. Booking of lessons also go through the APP to ensure that your spot is reserved. So you need not commit a large amount of money for the class whatsoever. That’s fantastic!

However, disclaimer, there are some participating studios that limit the amount of times you may visit them per month. So it could be once a week or twice a month. So be sure to check on the various gyms schedules on the APP. Whether they do impose a restriction.

Am I the only one just new to this? This APP though is limited to ASIA. But as I understand they’re many other alternatives similar to the APP in the market. So I’m pretty confident the rest of the world has something of sorts but of a different name. I just have to say. Pretty good deal, to try out various exercises and workouts.

I think one of the bigger surprises is that because they’ve already done all the work sourcing the various gyms, one of the functions included are being able to see “What’s Near Me?” I never knew some of the gyms were just situated 10-15mins away from home. Had I known sooner, things would have been way more convenient. Definitely worth a try. I’m still browsing all the different classes & schedules to see what peaks my interests. 🙂

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