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April has just begun.

Sent my Macbook Pro in for repairs at FSSCO located in Sim Lim Square. The place where you’re bound to get cheated when you get stuff fixed or when you buy stuff. Lol. Allegedly.

So an overview of what I got done.

Got my Screen replaced. It had a few cracks at the bottom. Now it’s good as new. Got another hard drive installed with SSD to improve the speed. I must say it definitely is very fast so far compared to it’s previous speed. Which is great. Also got my battery replaced as my Macbook was displaying the Check Battery Sign already. That means that anytime my battery is gonna say. Okay I’ve had enough. Goodbye forever kinda situation.


Total damage. SGD $367.

Is it expensive? I would say no.. Compared to having these done in the Apple shop. For sure. Whether there are cheaper options. I really can’t say for sure. After all this is my only Macbook Repair experience. Cheaper might mean shittier, higher likelyhood to get screwed over. More expensive might mean overcharged and etc.

Either way. Unless you’re a computer expert. There’s no way you’d know if what they’re replacing is legit or the real deal. For me it’s simple. As long as I find that it’s generally a reasonable price, and the thing actually gets fixed, and it works. I’m okay with that.

But if you’re really concerned about this, then you’d have to go to the Apple Shop, or one of their licensed retailers. & to be honest. If your MacBook is a really old model. I’m saying this based on hearsay not based on experience, neither do I have empirical proof of this. But for really old models that have already been phased out. When you get your Apple items in general fixed at the Apple shop. For sure it’s gonna be quite expensive as being phased out means that they no longer make this item and would most probably not have the parts for them either. So when they fix it for you, they are likely to be getting these parts from outsourcing the same model/products that people are throwing out or selling off. Replacing those semi-good parts with your completely dead parts.

So if you think about it, those repair shops that offer OEM replacement parts. Aren’t that bad in comparison. As  you’d definitely be getting something new. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. For instance Samsung makes Apple’s Screens. If you don’t already know. So if Apple no longer has it, as in they stopped purchasing a certain screen from Samsung, Samsung might actually still be making it for other purposes. So you could get the Samsung screen for your Apple. Just that it’s not Apple branded. Something like that. So it ain’t BAD bad. It’s just that if anything goes wrong. Apple is not responsible for it at all. Neither is Samsung. After all technically you’re using Samsung parts on a Apple product. Even though they are the same thing. Lol. It’s complicated. I know. But something along those lines. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just explaining in very general terms based on how I understand it.

Anyways… Back to the main point. I decided to write a review on this FSSCO for the benefit of everyone out there, as when I was recommended to go there, couldn’t find any reviews on them. It was really a concern. I mean we all feel more reassured when we read reviews on other people’s experiences. If there are bad reviews, we’d avoid them and feel much more at ease that we didn’t do our repairs there. You get the gist.

So they’re located on the Third floor of Sim Lim Square. #03-35.

Small shop at the outer parts of the level. Told them the things I needed to have done. Including the Battery and asked when it could be completed as well as a official quote.

ALWAYS GOOD TO GET A OFFICIAL QUOTE IN WRITING. So if anything happens, like they overcharge or anything. You’d have that piece of paper to make sure you don’t get ripped off. This is not anything to do with them being cheats or anything. I’m not saying that. I’m saying in general. Anything similarly similar. You should always get a official receipt in writing. So later on there would be less disputes. Or rather if there are any disputes, you’d have the upper hand.

Asked when they could have it done. They said the next day. *insert game show sound* They couldn’t deliver on that. Which was disappointing to me. I didn’t mind if they told me it’d take 2 or more days. I’m bothered that I was told next day, and they couldn’t deliver. You know? If you had told me 2 days, I would be satisfied when I collected two days later. Also because they said they’d call to inform me when it was ready. I was awaiting a call that I wouldn’t have gotten. In the end I actually called them twice that day to double check as they closed at 8pm and it was already in the evening. I didn’t want to be stuck in a situation where it’d be 7.30 and they call me to collect when I couldn’t get there in time right. So all in all. They told me they couldn’t finish the job in time and I would only be able to collect the next day.

Next day, they called me to say they completed it, on the phone. Stating all the things they had done. MISSING ONE THING. I was like “What about the Battery?” Because that’s a very necessary thing. I don’t necessarily have to get my hard drive upgraded. But I do need the Battery to be replaced to ensure that I wouldn’t encounter any major issues. So after a bit of Hoo-Ha-ing, I shall not go into the specifics. The guy said they’d do it for a discount. So I was like Okay. Fine. As long as it gets a new Battery. This dampened my experience a little. I felt like the upgrades were not as imperative as the Battery change. Yet they went ahead to upgrade which is more expensive than changing the Battery. This was an arrangement discussed as I had intended to change my Motherboard if it was damaged. Which turned out it was not, so I’d opt for a upgrade instead. The upgrade discussed was of lesser GB. But they did the higher GB one, which obviously means more expensive.

Went there, they went through the changes etc, let me go through, make sure everything is in order. Then that was it. Good bye! Macbook safely in my arms again.


Overall, I’d rate it a.. 7.5/10

Yes it seems like my experience was pretty negative. But I think I should judge them more on their work than their negotiation/customer service skills. This is not a restaurant. Having bad service and good food does not equate, “still a shit experience”. It’s a repair shop. Bad Service, Good Repairs equates to a healthy working Macbook Pro with at least a few more good years ahead of it. So I don’t give a damn. We’re considering this based on a Long Term Perspective. After all they did give me a discount, and they didn’t delay my repairs by very much. Just an additional day. So thumbs up. Should be safe to patronize. Lol. But equipped with this info, if you guys decide to go there. Be prepared it might take a little longer than you expect. So do it late in the week or something, so it is more convenient for you to collect your item on a Weekend. That’s how I see it.

& I also would like to mention that you definitely should get a Official quote written. As when I went. There was two of them. & they individually quoted me two different prices on certain items. Or he’d say 120 one second then later when he reiterated he’d say 100 then change back to 120. I can’t say it’s on purpose, or because they’re quoting off the top of their head. So. Yup. If you’re okay with the prices they quoted, then you definitely should get it in writing. So they have a record of what they quoted you, and you also have one to ensure that’s the maximum amount that you’re going to have to pay in any situation.


Hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you have any other places they’re affordable and offer good repairs.

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