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McDonald’s Lied To Me.



I stay near a ALLEGEDLY 24 hour McDonald’s. Oh boy was I wrong.

So in Singapore. This is how McDelivery works. You need to hit a minimum amount, and normally that means you’re gonna have to order more than one up-sized Extra Value Meal. I’m trying to be healthy here, or healthier than that. So I decided. Hey, you know what, I’m gonna leash up my dog and we’re gonna walk there. It’s like about fifteen minutes away. Not TOO bad. Plus in the middle of the night it’s not hot or anything.

Reached McDonald’s, the lights were on. There were staff inside. The restaurant was messy as fuck though. Like legit, none of the tables were cleared. Not a sitting customer in sight. I hook up my pooch to the railing outside, and proceed to make my way to the door.

THEN IT HAPPENED. This dude at the counter made a hand signal with his arms “X”


Like this. With his arms crossed and shit. Didn’t bother to even tell me like when they’d resume service or whatever. HOW DARE YOU MCDONALDS PUT THAT 24HOUR SIGN.

I’d like to say, this is not the first time this has happened. In face I think they do it everyday. Now that I actually take a moment and look back. As this is my usual “get hungry” time. Many occasions I’ve tried to make an order online for delivery, I would get the message that the outlet in charge of my area is unable to deliver right now.


So I was like FUCK. I was all ready to shove a McSpicy extra Mayo extra lettuce in my mouth, then later or almost immediately suffer fiery shits but still think that it was worth it.

Honestly I was hungry, and had no options at home. So I was like okay screw it. I’ll go to the 24 hour supermarket. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SHENG SIONG FOR NOT LYING. Bought some stuff to eat, started walking back.

There I see. At the drive through. A police car. Collecting his order. I be like. SERIOUSLY!? SERIOUSLY!? WTF. It was literally like 5-10mins later. They couldn’t like tell me that service would begin then?! I COULD’VE WAITED. FUCK. Or is this some fear of authority that they have, that they rushed out an order cause the police made it.

I’m upset & disappointed McDonalds. I was looking forward to getting my Monopoly stickers and being one step closer to any grand prize. Now I’m just barely satiated. Kinda upset and really annoyed.


Please take down the 24 hour sign if you’re not going to be open for 24 hours.

PS. Can I sue McDonalds for lying to me??? Like how people sued Ribena for saying it had all kinds of nutrients. HAHAHAHAHA. I’ve got my eye on you McDonalds…

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