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After a super duper long hiatus. Oops.

My last post was when exams were about to commence and now the holiday has just flown by, and school has once again started. BOOOOOO.

I’m honestly believing that I’m allergic to school. En route to school at any given day or time, I start sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

The courses I’m taking this semester are pretty interesting though. So I’m kinda enjoying it up till this point.

OH AND I LOST 4.4KG. Like outta no where. I’ve been stuck at that shit weight from way back when, and have been plagued with the big SEVEN ZERO + KG. & it so totally made my day. The only I’ve done different is the X-ing of COKE in my life. Temporarily of course. There’s cocaine in that shit, once you’ve had a taste, you can’t quit. YOU CAN’T. You can only temporarily resist temptation. Lol.

Best part was, it was a complete surprise. A friend of mine was like:”OMG, guess what?!?” Obviously I asked what? & he said he had went weigh himself outta no where for no reason, and he saw that he lost 5kg! HOLYSHIT. So I was like. Hmm. It’s been awhile, let me go weigh myself. VOILA! The feels of excitement and motivation to push through eating clean and working out suddenly got ignited. HAHAHA.

Speaking of working out. Thinking about re-joining EVOLVE.

But anyone familiar knows that it ain’t cheap. So I gotta convince my mom to fork it out whilst I pay her back in installments. Never ask me to give a lump sum. Never gonna happen. But asking me to pay small amounts everyday, sure why not. That’s totally doable. That’s just how it is, or I’m just gonna be splurging on shit online, on vacations and so on. You know, we all have this problem. My mom will be back tomorrow~~

So I’m just kinda working on my pitch. Wish me luck guys. Fingers crossed.

I really hate exercising, in the sense of like jogging & running.. I prefer activity based exercise. If you get what I mean. Like playing a sport. In this case MMA. Also I have a deal with a friend of mine, sparring. 1 on 1. I so very much look forward to it. Haha.

Well. That’s it for now. I’ll be back really really soon. I promise. Most likely to rant or celebrate depending on whether I successfully convince my mom.


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Let me break it down for you.

Went for Yoga lesson on Tuesday. Oh my god. If I’m not wrong we lucked out and actually got the owner of the studio to take us through lesson.

His approach was very different from any of the other instructors we’ve had. Usually they have a lesson planned out. There will be no variation, usually if we get the same instructor. The routine is still the same.

This guy though. He started by coming out and saying he had no idea what he wanted to do for the lesson yet. Asked us if we were having any pains, injuries or if we were first timers etc.

So then it began. If I were to describe it. Its as if it were a slow and painful death. We’ve had intense sessions before with another instructor, but hers was like a quick and fast death. Let me explain.

Quick and Fast. By that I mean, we never held poses for too long. It was progression after progression after progression. Like.. Downward facing dog.. Plank.. Baby Cobra.. Downward facing dog.. Warrior.. etc etc. Usually taking maybe a few breaths not more than 5. So you didn’t have much time to think like.. Oh dear, I’m not gonna make it. You’re more of. Shit this is like bootcamp or something. We’re doing drills. It was pushing you physically rather than mentally. It was pretty hellish. But felt like it was over in no time.

Slow and Painful though. That’s a new one. Many many poses. He was all about really strengthening your core, and whatever inkling of muscles you had in your body. It was a lot of holding. Some more than 15 Mississippis. During that time. You be like.. Is it over yet.. Is it over yet. Oh yes he’s counting down… Why is he counting so slowly?! Crap he stopped counting to assist someone. That was going through my mind like.. 80% of the time. 20% was for them more challenging balancing poses. Where I was like.. Focus on that thing.. Focus on that thing on the wall.. Focus on something.. Lol. It really pushed you mentally. Because technically viewing from the sidelines. All of the poses looked effortless. It was like, that shouldn’t be too hard. But holding it was difficult. You really needed a lot of concentration. I bet everyone at a point was like.. Maybe I can’t do this.. It’s really hard. If you get what I mean. After the lesson. We were kinda like limp. Barely could lift our arms. Today is Thursday.. So for the whole of Wednesday plus today, like now. My shoulder blades.. My belly area.. My thighs.. Have been aching immensely.


But I would say it was pretty good. As for a few of the sessions. I kept pulling my left shoulder muscle. For what reason, I’m not sure. Maybe it was an old injury or lack of sufficient warm up. I don’t know why. But for this lesson that didn’t occur. Which was kinda great. Or it would’ve been even more hellish than I could ever imagine.

Another great thing. I feel like my posture slightly correcting to the positive side. I’m a serial hunch backer. But because of the aching from that session. I find it more comfortable to sit straight rather than to hunch over.

Till next time!

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So if you’ve read the previous post. You’d know I braved through hot yoga despite a massive Sunburn. Was it painful? Yes. But not as bad as I thought it’d be. Of course when the sweat trickle down it stings. BUT. I felt like the sweating helped me release more heat from the burn. Is it a science? Probably not. Is it in my head? Maybe.

All in all, has Hot Yoga helped me lose weight? I don’t think so. Not right now at least. But I feel like it has significantly improved my lifestyle. How so?

Well. For starters. I sleep like a baby. I’m usually a night owl who likes to watch my tv shows through the night. I could easily do 8 hours straight. With The Flash.. Agent Carter… Arrow.. Rizzoli & Isles… Castle.. Mom… Big Bang Theory… American Dad.. Bobs Burgers… Once Upon A Time.. Vampire Diaries… The list goes on. Don’t get me hooked on Korean Dramas that’s for sure, I’ll wipe out the whole series in a day. That’s how comitted I am. You might say, not all these shows come out on the same day. True. But I have no qualms about re-watching them over again. Thank you America and your team of brilliant writers. You may have given the world the gift of obesity with your superbly delicious junk food. But you’ve also given the world the standard of entertainment. Thumbs up!


So yesterday, after my Yoga session, made my way home. Thought. Hmm. Let me watch some Agent Carter. They had a 2 hour special. But I couldn’t fight the Zzz Monster. It was to strong. BAM. I was out for the night.

Another benefit I feel that Yoga has bestowed on me. I usually sleep till like.. 12pm.. 1pm.. Like I would sleep double the recommended time I should. Even after that I would feel immensely tired throughout the day. But these days, I get up in the morning. With no Alarm whatsoever. I’ve noticed this after the second lesson. I feel less inclined to stay in bed to snooze, and more motivated to get out of bed to do stuff.

Although I haven’t noticed much weight loss from Yoga yet, I feel like my body awareness is slightly up. I feel slightly lengthier and less unfit. If you know what I mean?

So would I recommend it? Sure why not. But more for a method of benefiting your overall wellness. If you’re looking for more significant weight loss results, then I’d probably say doing a Kickboxing class would be more effective.

Till next time!

I have set myself the mission to clean up my room.

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This is how I feel right now.

Went fishing on Monday. Was great had fun. & the Sun bestowed upon me THE WORST SUNBURN I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE.

It burns… It burns so bad. Tried “Earl Grey Remedy” “Vinegar Remedy” FYI. All of them are bullshit. The thing that works best is still a nice cool compress to help release the heat radiating off your face! I can melt ice cubes on this face within seconds. That’s how hot it is. Now I feel like a pruny old lady cause everything feels wrinkled. Lol.

Oh and guess what?



My body be like 40degrees. My face be like a 1000degrees if that was ever possible. I can’t wait for the suffering. Will let you guys know if I survive.

So kids.. Always remember. Protecting yourself from the Sun is not un-cool. It’s so cool it keeps you cool days after you’re done fishing. Or end up like me with a face on fire. If that’s what you like, then go for it. I imagine this is not going to heal up for about a week. Definitely one of the most severe sunburns I’ve gotten in a long time. Very important, you got to keep reapplying sunblock. I did apply in the beginning of the trip. But fishing on a boat is like a 10 hour situation. The sunblock protection is usually gone within the hour. I wore fishing gear which I happily thought was good enough coverage as well. Well it was pretty good for where it covered. My hands and feet however weren’t spared. Looks like I went tanning in a scuba suit if you can imagine. Because the burn is severe, it’s pretty funny looking. White arms, and dark red hands and feet. It’s even agonizing to touch. I’m definitely probably going to invest in those spray on Sunblock. When you fish, your hands get dirty, and other than drinking water available there’s salt water in buckets, but they’re for rinsing off. Not advisable to touch your face with dirty hands or salt water. Why do you have to choose between proper Sun protection and having the ultimate Zit explosion. So best thing to do is Wet tissue, quick and fast easy wipe, spray on the block.

Sounds like a plan.

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UPDATE: New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App

Almost immediately after my post was out. After getting my friends interested and on the verge of signing up. THEY CHANGED THEIR MEMBERSHIP PLAN!

big mistake Passport Asia.

  • Four Star Pass: at SGD 54 this is the smart supplement to your weekly fitness routine. Allows you to book four classes per month.
  • Six Star Pass: combine value and variety at SGD 76. Allows you to book six classes per month.
  • Eight Star Pass: always on track to reach your fitness goals at SGD 98. Allows you to book eight classes per month.
  • Platinum Pro Pass: challenge yourself with a daily workout. Allows you to book up to 31 classes per month at SGD 179.

Gone is $9.99 trial. Gone is the $99 unlimited excess. This is some major inflation bruh.

We were all 101% ready to sign up for Passport Asia, but now. We’ve diversified.




Kfit has a pretty straightforward concept.

Either a Basic plan for $0, but how do they make money?

Well here’s the catch. you only get 1 lesson per month. It’s literally for you to just give it a try. If I’m not wrong it’ll last for 2 months. So you get to try out 2 activities.

Or, All Access Membership, for $99 per month. Normally there’s all sorts of promo codes available and discounts for you to slash that $99 significantly for the first month. Similar to Uber, if your friends sign up, you get $20 off. It’s an all or nothing kind of situation.

But comparing $99 to $179. It’s way more worth it, and you’re not restricted to 31 classes. You could go for 32 if you like. Just to be rebellious. Haha. Plus another fun thing about Kfit, they don’t just have Yoga Studios, Gyms and purely exercising partners. They also have recuperation partners that offer you spas and saunas. Isn’t that wonderful?

Fun things you could do with friends like Trampolining, cycling or even giving it a go at Wavehouse. It’s truly a pass to try out many different new things, and if you feel like giving your workout a miss to have some pampering. Why not!? Go right ahead.

Kfit is also available in various Asian countries.

So there you go guys.

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New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App


APP icon looks something like this.


Basically what it is, is sort of like a multi-gym subscription. So what you can do if you’re interested, is to purchase a “PASS”

SGD9.99 [TRIAL] for a WHOLE MONTH of unlimited lessons, but only for 1 class. Which means for instance, Yoga by one establishment. Though it’s really affordable, and for most establishments you’d at least see one class per day, but the downside is that you won’t be able to enjoy the true benefits of this Passport App. Why? Because in my head. You’re suppose to be an individual on the go, always with a spare change of clothes. Hmmm… Have an hour to spare? Heck yeah, let’s whip out our App & see what workouts are nearby, then off you go to get your sweat on.

On the other hand though, SGD9.99 is really a great price if you’re thinking like, I want to learn some Taekwando or Akido, some discpline of martial arts. Normally even for outside lessons, you’d attend them once a week. So being able to attend every few days already ensures that you learn faster.

SGD59 [BASIC] Similar structure. But instead of 1 class. You get to pick up to 4 classes.

SGD 99.99 [UNLIMITED] You know what this means. All access to all they have to offer. Which boasts of 40,000 different activities available to sign up for.

A quick download of the APP would already display their comprehensive list of activities offered. Which I think is really great. If you’re unsure about whether you’d like an activity or a class. You can always try it out. Booking of lessons also go through the APP to ensure that your spot is reserved. So you need not commit a large amount of money for the class whatsoever. That’s fantastic!

However, disclaimer, there are some participating studios that limit the amount of times you may visit them per month. So it could be once a week or twice a month. So be sure to check on the various gyms schedules on the APP. Whether they do impose a restriction.

Am I the only one just new to this? This APP though is limited to ASIA. But as I understand they’re many other alternatives similar to the APP in the market. So I’m pretty confident the rest of the world has something of sorts but of a different name. I just have to say. Pretty good deal, to try out various exercises and workouts.

I think one of the bigger surprises is that because they’ve already done all the work sourcing the various gyms, one of the functions included are being able to see “What’s Near Me?” I never knew some of the gyms were just situated 10-15mins away from home. Had I known sooner, things would have been way more convenient. Definitely worth a try. I’m still browsing all the different classes & schedules to see what peaks my interests. 🙂

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How is Yoga going?

Horrendously! That’s how its going.

I can’t say for certain whether I’m doing it right like how the Youtube masters are doing it. But whatever I’m doing. I can tell ya. It’s completely the opposite of what I thought Yoga was going to be.

I’m pretty sure most of us have the misconception that yoga is easy. Just holding poses and staying there, all about meditating etc. NO. From what I gather. The poses are just a gateway to a world of pain. It’s all about strengthening every strengthenable (yes, it’s not a word. I created it) part of your body.


Cue shattering game show buzzer.

The poses may be easy to do. On their own. But the pain starts when they’re just the first step to transitioning to the next pose, and it is THAT, holding the positioning, crunching your fats to maintain the pose that starts to bring in the pain. Woo.

From doing a few sessions of Yoga. My take away is that my legs are freak ass weak. 10mins into the session they start to tremble. Though sitting down with my legs straight I can touch my toes no problem, doing that same thing on my back, is another story.

But I shall keep at it. We’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty satisfied based on the amount of sweat I’m producing. Makes me feel like I had a good workout. How many calories am I really burning though. Can’t say for sure.

Another point I’d like to make after I’ve collected my Yoga mat. It’s great. It really helps a lot, because exercises laying on your back without any kind of protection is just pure torture and could be doing more harm than good. However! I feel like since we’re so advanced in the new age and shit. The mat should be kind of Anti-Slip. I mean it’s already difficult as it is, doesn’t help when your hands or feet are sliding working against you. Even not for the whole mat. Just the top and bottom portion where we normally put our hands and feet. After all the mat is to “shield” us from injury, mainly on our back.


Till next time!

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YOGA For Weightloss.



Truthfully. Don’t think just because you can do a few moves that require slightly above average flexibility means you can do Yoga. Lol. Debunked.

My friend & I bought groupons for 90mins Hot Yoga session. In preparation for it, and so as to not waste 90mins sitting in the classroom drinking water and panting. I’ve decided to do some “practice” of sorts. So far, I’m in Day 2.

So let’s just log it as. Starting weight. 70kg. Ninabeh. Eternally short for life: 162cm

So if you have the same stats as I do, then you can probably expect the same results as I would if I prevail. Firstly. I’m following Psychetruth Youtube Channel, 20mins Yoga for Weightloss challenge. They’ve got a bunch of different videos, which allows you follow them throughout the entire workout. The instructor even always provides a “Beginner” move alternative, just in case there are noobs like myself trying to attempt. Preliminary judgement, I think it’s a wonderful channel, and really helpful way if you

A) Don’t want to spend money on professional Yoga lessons.

B) Embarrassed of looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people.

C) Just like the comfort of sweating it out at home.

D) Bought a groupon and realized you could be out of your league.

So anywayyyyyy, tried out at 20min session yesterday. Nothing strenuous like running a 2.4km or anything. Just being stationary and following the instructor. Oh my god. Muscle aches everywhere. EVERYWHERE. My abdomen really aches, my back kind of feels liberated and aches at the same time. My thighs. Really ache. I was sliding in sweat after that workout. What the shit!? Did not expect that at all.

Take away from that practice session,  I need a yoga mat if I want to continue this. It’s really hard to do a lot of the poses after you’ve worked up a sweat and your knees and elbows are trying to escape holding your body weight. (Which I have purchased! On, $14.90 for 8mm thick mat) It claims I’ve achieved major savings, I can’t be sure. But beats what Carousell is offering. Used mats for just a few dollars cheaper mostly Anlene free gift mat or from Guardian. Better off I spend a few more bucks spring for a legit “Exercise Brand Mat”, its called Zanfit.)

Second takeaway, I’m freaking unfit and out of shape. Yoga makes a young person feel really old. I could sprint right now and jump around. But when you’re doing yoga, they test your flexibility and endurance, something that came easily as a youth. But now I’m almost in my mid twenties. I feel the burn. I’ve become so inflexible! Even just straightening my legs in the air seems like something from a far past. Oh my lord. I need to practice more.

Concluding this article, yoga ain’t just for dainty ladies, it’s tough guys. It’s tough. I’m going to keep at it. My groupon is for 8 lessons, so we’ll see how that goes and if I achieve any weight-loss overall after this whole ordeal.

Please let me lose like freaking 10kg or something. 70kg is not normal at all!!!

My plan is to try it out. Day & Night, 20min sessions each. So we’ll see how that works out. No plans to change my diet or anything. This test will be solely on how effective Yoga is as a method of weight-loss on its own, and how good Yoga is in helping with posture & flexibility as I’m in the early stages of chronic back pain & I’ve always had bad posture habits. So we shall see.


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