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McDonald’s Lied To Me.



I stay near a ALLEGEDLY 24 hour McDonald’s. Oh boy was I wrong.

So in Singapore. This is how McDelivery works. You need to hit a minimum amount, and normally that means you’re gonna have to order more than one up-sized Extra Value Meal. I’m trying to be healthy here, or healthier than that. So I decided. Hey, you know what, I’m gonna leash up my dog and we’re gonna walk there. It’s like about fifteen minutes away. Not TOO bad. Plus in the middle of the night it’s not hot or anything.

Reached McDonald’s, the lights were on. There were staff inside. The restaurant was messy as fuck though. Like legit, none of the tables were cleared. Not a sitting customer in sight. I hook up my pooch to the railing outside, and proceed to make my way to the door.

THEN IT HAPPENED. This dude at the counter made a hand signal with his arms “X”


Like this. With his arms crossed and shit. Didn’t bother to even tell me like when they’d resume service or whatever. HOW DARE YOU MCDONALDS PUT THAT 24HOUR SIGN.

I’d like to say, this is not the first time this has happened. In face I think they do it everyday. Now that I actually take a moment and look back. As this is my usual “get hungry” time. Many occasions I’ve tried to make an order online for delivery, I would get the message that the outlet in charge of my area is unable to deliver right now.


So I was like FUCK. I was all ready to shove a McSpicy extra Mayo extra lettuce in my mouth, then later or almost immediately suffer fiery shits but still think that it was worth it.

Honestly I was hungry, and had no options at home. So I was like okay screw it. I’ll go to the 24 hour supermarket. THANK YOU VERY MUCH SHENG SIONG FOR NOT LYING. Bought some stuff to eat, started walking back.

There I see. At the drive through. A police car. Collecting his order. I be like. SERIOUSLY!? SERIOUSLY!? WTF. It was literally like 5-10mins later. They couldn’t like tell me that service would begin then?! I COULD’VE WAITED. FUCK. Or is this some fear of authority that they have, that they rushed out an order cause the police made it.

I’m upset & disappointed McDonalds. I was looking forward to getting my Monopoly stickers and being one step closer to any grand prize. Now I’m just barely satiated. Kinda upset and really annoyed.


Please take down the 24 hour sign if you’re not going to be open for 24 hours.

PS. Can I sue McDonalds for lying to me??? Like how people sued Ribena for saying it had all kinds of nutrients. HAHAHAHAHA. I’ve got my eye on you McDonalds…

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Are SPARKS important?


This guy though is slightly younger than I. He’s cute, he actually pays attention, makes really interesting conversation. BUT when we kiss. Where are the butterflies? No freaking idea. I feel like I do have positive feelings towards him though. I won’t say I love him or anything.

Backstory. I’ve had my drunken wild days and teen crazy escapades. No. Wasn’t spreading my legs all over the place. But I’ve kissed a few people. Usually with new people there are some sparks. In the sense it’s new, it’s exciting and obviously there must’ve been some good feels or why the hell would you kiss them right. Other hand if I was too sloshed and randomly was to affectionate with randos, then obviously I was high on alcohol to miss some brain chemical reaction.

So, this is like a new experience right there. I’m not looking for a serious relationship with him or anything. Not right now at least. But I kinda am missing that fluttery vibration that permeates through your body telling your brain that it’s so freakin happy and satisfied. & I do like him, I like his face, his body, his mind.. The list goes on. Plus the fact that he’s like some kind of weird mature on one hand, and a dying breed of guy on the other?

Literally gives no shits if I’m throwing a tantrum. Legit no shits. Super sweet in the treating a girl right department. Kinda. Except when he gives no shits. Lol. Like you could totally insta relationship goals with him. He wants to work out together, attempt to play the piano together, which he’s a complete noob at, among so many other things.

The point I’m trying to make though. Is that he surprises me, in ways I never anticipated. Yes, when he speaks, and pronounces things wrongly.. It really makes me flinch. Grammar Nazi here. Sorry. But after I correct him, we can move on from that disaster. He’s interested in things I’m interested in, namely political issues. Which I find highly attractive. Plus the fact that, where it matters, he’s really mature with how he deals with things. Qualities of a great S.O.

Obviously he’s not perfect, but I think the above paints a pretty picture of what I’m trying to illustrate. He’s pretty darn great. So WHERE ARE THEM SPARKS? I’m not hoping to fall hopelessly in love or anything. But I’m just curious.

Could he be a bad kisser.. Are we just not right for each other? Or am I having a mild mental block because I’m older than him. It’s not a very big gap like ten years or anything. But in your twenties, even a year seems significant. For instance, he hasn’t even gone to army, yet people of my age have already completed theirs. Or driving, same thing. So it feels almost like a really big gap because they’re quite a bit of milestones we experience between those years.

Second thought. Does it even matter if you don’t feel something electric pass through you when you kiss. Doesn’t mean your relationship is screwed right?

We’ll see. Maybe we’ve not hit the sweet spot?

So far it’s just been real quick ones. Like not even a second long. More like goodbye kisses your french friend gives you or something. Quick and on the mouth. Oops. Stereotype.

What do you guys think?

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After a super duper long hiatus. Oops.

My last post was when exams were about to commence and now the holiday has just flown by, and school has once again started. BOOOOOO.

I’m honestly believing that I’m allergic to school. En route to school at any given day or time, I start sneezing like there’s no tomorrow. If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is.

The courses I’m taking this semester are pretty interesting though. So I’m kinda enjoying it up till this point.

OH AND I LOST 4.4KG. Like outta no where. I’ve been stuck at that shit weight from way back when, and have been plagued with the big SEVEN ZERO + KG. & it so totally made my day. The only I’ve done different is the X-ing of COKE in my life. Temporarily of course. There’s cocaine in that shit, once you’ve had a taste, you can’t quit. YOU CAN’T. You can only temporarily resist temptation. Lol.

Best part was, it was a complete surprise. A friend of mine was like:”OMG, guess what?!?” Obviously I asked what? & he said he had went weigh himself outta no where for no reason, and he saw that he lost 5kg! HOLYSHIT. So I was like. Hmm. It’s been awhile, let me go weigh myself. VOILA! The feels of excitement and motivation to push through eating clean and working out suddenly got ignited. HAHAHA.

Speaking of working out. Thinking about re-joining EVOLVE.

But anyone familiar knows that it ain’t cheap. So I gotta convince my mom to fork it out whilst I pay her back in installments. Never ask me to give a lump sum. Never gonna happen. But asking me to pay small amounts everyday, sure why not. That’s totally doable. That’s just how it is, or I’m just gonna be splurging on shit online, on vacations and so on. You know, we all have this problem. My mom will be back tomorrow~~

So I’m just kinda working on my pitch. Wish me luck guys. Fingers crossed.

I really hate exercising, in the sense of like jogging & running.. I prefer activity based exercise. If you get what I mean. Like playing a sport. In this case MMA. Also I have a deal with a friend of mine, sparring. 1 on 1. I so very much look forward to it. Haha.

Well. That’s it for now. I’ll be back really really soon. I promise. Most likely to rant or celebrate depending on whether I successfully convince my mom.


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Apologies for the lack of posts. I’ve been held up with procrastination.

Came back from a trip to Bangkok not long ago .Which I will share. After 48hours. I’ve got back to back papers. FML.

Then I can take a chill pill. My next other two papers will only be 2 weeks later.


As a typical lazy student. I will be. Burning Midnight Oil. 😦

Yes I deserve it. BUT PITY ME GODDAMNIT.

Wish me luck. May the force be with me.


But before I can focus on doing my last minute revision. I need to watch Jane the Virgin to get it off my mind. PRIORITIES RIGHT?!


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Days be Wastin.

WHY!? Why is it always easier to drop everything and play 12 hours of computer games.

But completely the opposite when it applies to studying. ESPECIALLY WHEN THE EXAMS ARE APPROACHING. Oh my gardzzz. Someone give me the formula to success man. Anyone?

The weather is super bad these days. Just so bad. Heavy Thunderstorms and Heat Waves of excruciating Sun tag team to make my ass sweat indoors doing nothing. I took a completely long COLD shower today. Normally I’ll just stand and enjoy scorching hot water for like 15mins till the hot water runs out. But today, it was so hot. I did that with cold water. Not even 5mins after. I felt sweat materializing. That’s how insane it is, super humid, super hot, barely any wind. When there’s wind, you can’t enjoy it. Unless you want rain everywhere.

That’s Singapore. You’ve been warned. Don’t come here. Lol.

#1 to revision success. For me that is. Changed my room light from warm yellow to daylight bulbs. Why? Because in the day I ain’t gonna be up. I’m literally a vampire. I don’t mean like I watch The Originals and The Vampire Diaries etc etc. So I’m a freak that drinks blood and shit. No. Yes I am a huge fan of those shows because they have a whole bunch of beautiful people. Okay I’m sidetracking. I just don’t really like the Sun in general. It makes me sweat, makes me get burnt. I prefer the cold to the heat. Also I feel Sunlight is more annoying to the eyes. Lol. Like it’s the angles man. Making you squint and all. No thank you. Wrinkles be gone! I prefer the night, when things are quiet. Everyone seems to be asleep, and I’m up in the quiet. In my room where it’s nice and cool with the air-conditioning pumped up with my Daylight bulbs.

They make you feel more alert is all. Yellow light just makes everything sleepy. So if you’d like to get studying in your room where the air-conditioning is, rather than in the living room and sweat your ass off. This is the way to go. For sure.

#2 No matter how little you do. A little goes a long way. I’m the kind of person that says. I’m gonna complete the whole 10 chapters in one night kinda person. But I’ll procrastinate like. OH MY GOD TEN FREAKING CHAPTERS. I feel like I set myself up for failure. So what I think is more productive is to just pick up the book and go as much as you can. Then go to bed or do whatever you want. I know people says it’s good to have goals, but if the goals make you shun what you have to do till it’s too late. I rather just take a step at a time. Comparatively I most probably wouldn’t have done those ten chapters, but just by gradually anytime of the day, pick up the text book, have a read. I cover more ground then I would have.

We’ll see how this goes.

Till next time!

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April has just begun.

Sent my Macbook Pro in for repairs at FSSCO located in Sim Lim Square. The place where you’re bound to get cheated when you get stuff fixed or when you buy stuff. Lol. Allegedly.

So an overview of what I got done.

Got my Screen replaced. It had a few cracks at the bottom. Now it’s good as new. Got another hard drive installed with SSD to improve the speed. I must say it definitely is very fast so far compared to it’s previous speed. Which is great. Also got my battery replaced as my Macbook was displaying the Check Battery Sign already. That means that anytime my battery is gonna say. Okay I’ve had enough. Goodbye forever kinda situation.


Total damage. SGD $367.

Is it expensive? I would say no.. Compared to having these done in the Apple shop. For sure. Whether there are cheaper options. I really can’t say for sure. After all this is my only Macbook Repair experience. Cheaper might mean shittier, higher likelyhood to get screwed over. More expensive might mean overcharged and etc.

Either way. Unless you’re a computer expert. There’s no way you’d know if what they’re replacing is legit or the real deal. For me it’s simple. As long as I find that it’s generally a reasonable price, and the thing actually gets fixed, and it works. I’m okay with that.

But if you’re really concerned about this, then you’d have to go to the Apple Shop, or one of their licensed retailers. & to be honest. If your MacBook is a really old model. I’m saying this based on hearsay not based on experience, neither do I have empirical proof of this. But for really old models that have already been phased out. When you get your Apple items in general fixed at the Apple shop. For sure it’s gonna be quite expensive as being phased out means that they no longer make this item and would most probably not have the parts for them either. So when they fix it for you, they are likely to be getting these parts from outsourcing the same model/products that people are throwing out or selling off. Replacing those semi-good parts with your completely dead parts.

So if you think about it, those repair shops that offer OEM replacement parts. Aren’t that bad in comparison. As  you’d definitely be getting something new. OEM means Original Equipment Manufacturer. For instance Samsung makes Apple’s Screens. If you don’t already know. So if Apple no longer has it, as in they stopped purchasing a certain screen from Samsung, Samsung might actually still be making it for other purposes. So you could get the Samsung screen for your Apple. Just that it’s not Apple branded. Something like that. So it ain’t BAD bad. It’s just that if anything goes wrong. Apple is not responsible for it at all. Neither is Samsung. After all technically you’re using Samsung parts on a Apple product. Even though they are the same thing. Lol. It’s complicated. I know. But something along those lines. Correct me if I’m wrong. I’m just explaining in very general terms based on how I understand it.

Anyways… Back to the main point. I decided to write a review on this FSSCO for the benefit of everyone out there, as when I was recommended to go there, couldn’t find any reviews on them. It was really a concern. I mean we all feel more reassured when we read reviews on other people’s experiences. If there are bad reviews, we’d avoid them and feel much more at ease that we didn’t do our repairs there. You get the gist.

So they’re located on the Third floor of Sim Lim Square. #03-35.

Small shop at the outer parts of the level. Told them the things I needed to have done. Including the Battery and asked when it could be completed as well as a official quote.

ALWAYS GOOD TO GET A OFFICIAL QUOTE IN WRITING. So if anything happens, like they overcharge or anything. You’d have that piece of paper to make sure you don’t get ripped off. This is not anything to do with them being cheats or anything. I’m not saying that. I’m saying in general. Anything similarly similar. You should always get a official receipt in writing. So later on there would be less disputes. Or rather if there are any disputes, you’d have the upper hand.

Asked when they could have it done. They said the next day. *insert game show sound* They couldn’t deliver on that. Which was disappointing to me. I didn’t mind if they told me it’d take 2 or more days. I’m bothered that I was told next day, and they couldn’t deliver. You know? If you had told me 2 days, I would be satisfied when I collected two days later. Also because they said they’d call to inform me when it was ready. I was awaiting a call that I wouldn’t have gotten. In the end I actually called them twice that day to double check as they closed at 8pm and it was already in the evening. I didn’t want to be stuck in a situation where it’d be 7.30 and they call me to collect when I couldn’t get there in time right. So all in all. They told me they couldn’t finish the job in time and I would only be able to collect the next day.

Next day, they called me to say they completed it, on the phone. Stating all the things they had done. MISSING ONE THING. I was like “What about the Battery?” Because that’s a very necessary thing. I don’t necessarily have to get my hard drive upgraded. But I do need the Battery to be replaced to ensure that I wouldn’t encounter any major issues. So after a bit of Hoo-Ha-ing, I shall not go into the specifics. The guy said they’d do it for a discount. So I was like Okay. Fine. As long as it gets a new Battery. This dampened my experience a little. I felt like the upgrades were not as imperative as the Battery change. Yet they went ahead to upgrade which is more expensive than changing the Battery. This was an arrangement discussed as I had intended to change my Motherboard if it was damaged. Which turned out it was not, so I’d opt for a upgrade instead. The upgrade discussed was of lesser GB. But they did the higher GB one, which obviously means more expensive.

Went there, they went through the changes etc, let me go through, make sure everything is in order. Then that was it. Good bye! Macbook safely in my arms again.


Overall, I’d rate it a.. 7.5/10

Yes it seems like my experience was pretty negative. But I think I should judge them more on their work than their negotiation/customer service skills. This is not a restaurant. Having bad service and good food does not equate, “still a shit experience”. It’s a repair shop. Bad Service, Good Repairs equates to a healthy working Macbook Pro with at least a few more good years ahead of it. So I don’t give a damn. We’re considering this based on a Long Term Perspective. After all they did give me a discount, and they didn’t delay my repairs by very much. Just an additional day. So thumbs up. Should be safe to patronize. Lol. But equipped with this info, if you guys decide to go there. Be prepared it might take a little longer than you expect. So do it late in the week or something, so it is more convenient for you to collect your item on a Weekend. That’s how I see it.

& I also would like to mention that you definitely should get a Official quote written. As when I went. There was two of them. & they individually quoted me two different prices on certain items. Or he’d say 120 one second then later when he reiterated he’d say 100 then change back to 120. I can’t say it’s on purpose, or because they’re quoting off the top of their head. So. Yup. If you’re okay with the prices they quoted, then you definitely should get it in writing. So they have a record of what they quoted you, and you also have one to ensure that’s the maximum amount that you’re going to have to pay in any situation.


Hope this was helpful!

Let me know if you have any other places they’re affordable and offer good repairs.

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So for some reason. I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube. Lol. Local YouTubers. So there’s like Night Owl Cinematics… Dee Kosh.. Jian Hao Tan.. Quite a few. After all seems like the Singapore YouTube scene is pretty tight knit. So you’ll see a lot of collaborations or like there would be links and stuff just popping up cause they’re all interconnected one way or the other. So it seems like vlogging or using YouTube as a creative outlet is a viable job. So I’m like.. I could do them. Lol. I’m interesting as shit. I could learn editing. I mean. I bought a MacBook Pro for all it’s above and beyond powers right. If you didn’t get my drift. I’m essentially talking about the ability to edit stuff.

What do you guys think? Because assuming I have proper content and stuff. There’s equipment to worry about. People these days in the scene have the most amazing equipment and producing skits of the best quality. Like you could tell them to shoot a movie now, and they probably could. There’s also my FACE to worry about. Like I’ve said before. It ain’t perfect. As a proud egotistical person. I’m so conscious about what if people say mean shit online? I mean doh. Expect them to say mean shit. I know that. But doesn’t mean that I won’t be affected by it when it happens. & they’re are shitloads of good looking flawless looking peeps on YouTube. & THEY’RE GETTING FLAMED TOO.

You can’t off the comment sections either. How’re you gonna get feedback and stuff? So maybe I’ll do a collaboration with my friends. Why? As the Chinese say. Zhuang Dan. How to explain ah… It means like to give you more balls. I mean rather me in front of the screen. Numero Uno. I get my friends to do them videos with me, and I don’t have to feel as concerned with how I look. Probably we all would get flamed. But we be like whatever. Strength in Numbers right.


I’ve got quite a few ideas in mind. But it’s on hold right now. WE HAVE EXAMS SOON. IN MAY. FCK ME.


I’m doing Economics & Politics in SIM-UOL. So if anyone out there. Staying in the West Zone. Would like to do some revision. Please ping me. Lol. Telling me to self-revise. Is equivalent to telling me to just open Dota 2 & do my All-Hero-Challenge. So yup.

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Lack of Motivation

All the time.

My exams are impending, in May. From experience I know I will start going nuts and burning midnight oil like one week away from Doomsday.

But why?! I’m human. We’re evolved and smart. We’re supposed to learn from our mistakes isn’t it. But why can’t I saddle up and buckle down. Oh my lord. Here I am whining about it watching television shows and not studying. Live example. Lol.

Sometimes I feel bouts of depression. I’m not saying I’m like suicidal or anything. But sometimes I just ponder over whats life about. We’re on this world to do what exactly? We eat, we shit, we sleep, we study, we work, we retire, we die. I mean honestly if immortality was a thing, then I would get it. Like eventually, you’ll be able to enjoy your life. But for most of us, the 99%, we don’t make it BIG BIG. We make it comfortable, or above average. Usually when we’re starting to get grey on our heads. I mean I don’t know. Like some of us strive so hard, and yet shit happens and we die too, others take the less strenuous route, and shit still happens and we die. What is the purpose? E.g. Frogs are on this Earth to eat flies and such. Plants are for oxygen and stuff. But what are humans for? We take and take and take. What do we give back. To the Earth, and not for our own benefit. I don’t know. Just feels so philosophical. HAHA.


So I also wonder like. Why should I study so hard for. I’m already through 30% of my lifespan. Then again we don’t live for ourselves. Almost none of us do. We live for others before us. I study because my mom insists that I get a degree. I couldn’t care less to have a degree for myself. I know it’s importance. But I’m just floating. I don’t know what I want in life. I don’t have a passion.. I only want to have a job to support and provide for my mom if possible. I know she works hard to provide for me. She scrimps she saves for the future. But all this is for obligation. But what lies ahead for me.. I don’t know. Will I be stuck in a dead beat job? Miserable? Getting by day by day..

Oh god I hope not. At 24 I thought things should be more figured out by now.

You might say things like. Do what makes you happy. Etc etc. But what makes me happy is pretty generic, just like what makes everyone happy. Like traveling. Wanting to do cool stuffs like dream of being a Youtube Star, a Hollywood A List Actress. You know. Normal stuff.

Make money in a slightly “easier” way, and actually have the time to enjoy it. Of course I’m saying this. Lol. Cause I’ve never acted, or been under the scrutiny of the masses. But who knows right.

Rant over.

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Peeling Stages

So right now, my damaged skin has pretty much been peeled off.

Funny story. I had an interview yesterday. So I really didn’t want to go in for an interview with my dead dark skin all over my face. It looked really dirty. More of a homeless lack of skincare look rather than a “The Sun Kissed me to hard look”. So I took a long… long… shower. Same idea as you would when you take a bath. The skin softens in gentle circular motions. Slowly get rid of it.

I would say this is a quick way to peel of your skin. But if not all the skin is ready. You’re gonna have blotches of dark skin in rando places of your face. Mostly I find the nose takes a really long time to heal as well as the upper lip.. My upper lip was one of the first to blister, but till now there are still bits of dead skin that have yet to release their grip on me. Under no circumstances should you force it, or you’ll be left with a perpetual stinging for at least an hour or two. Just like what I’m having now.

Oh by the way. Don’t use facial wash. Those usually tend to have the function of getting rid of oils & dirt. What you need right is them oils to re-moisturize your skin. If you use facial wash you’d find your face peeling unnecessarily and also would become quite painful when it’s all dried out. Then you must be thinking. Then my face would be so dirty?! What am I to do?! Well for me, I just use a little bit of lathered up shower gel. At least it gets the job done. Also there’s no point buying facial wash for sun burnt skin when you’re only going to have it for max a week right. Plus according to my mother, I only trust her source on this as she has a clear flawless face at the age of 50. She says, water is still the best way to wash your face. All kinds of face wash etc etc are gimmicks. I wish I listened years ago. I find that after I started, my face got oilier, I’m more reliant on these products to control my outbreaks etc. Same thing with shaving my legs. Thought it was so grown up of me.  My mom is also hairless in the leg department. I barely had any hair to be honest. But the “grown up” in me instigated this vicious cycle. I felt like after that first shave, the hair grew back thicker.. Faster… & that’s one thing I can never turn back. So if you happen to be prepubescent reading this post. HEED MY ADVICE, DON’T DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARILY.

MRW my skin started to peel after a sunburn - Imgur

So yeah, back to the interview. Lol. I was going for a position at a aesthetic clinic. So they obviously did stuff like Botox… Laser.. All kinds of thing to make your skin beautiful. So here I was. With my burnt ass skin, entering to speak to the doctor.

Why would I do that?!

Competition is high for nice jobs like these that actually pay decently. So expect them to be snagged up real quick. So I kinda had no choice did I. Had I waited for my skin to heal up back to normalcy someone could have already filled the position.

So the Doc was like.. Do you have some kind of Eczema or something. I was like uhhhhh. No Sir.. I just have a really bad Sunburn from fishing on Monday. Funny thing was he actually only felt comfortable to bring it up after like we were half way through the conversation!


But really sweet doctor though. I’ve had one interview with a semi-condescending one. It was kind of insulting. Yes you are a MD. But doesn’t mean make you a better person than I. Definitely lacking in EQ for sure. Like dude. Don’t talk to me like I’m a freaking child that’s never been in the work force in my life. I’m freaking 24. I’ve worked since I was 17, and I have dealt with jackasses like you ever on a daily basis.

Sometimes I feel like just because your IQ is high, doesn’t warrant being a nasty snotty person. After all if illness became a rare thing of the past, people would start to nitpick which doctors to go to wouldn’t they. They definitely won’t be visiting you again. So I really appreciated this doctor, he offered me a position later that day. Oddly in the hiring ad he even put his own number. Not his nurse, not his receptionist. His own number. He was very nice and the interview was more to get to know me to see if I was a good fit, rather than to talk down to me like.. You should do this, you know you shouldn’t do that blah blah..

Another thing, maybe slightly off topic. Do you think that interviewers asking interviewees questions like Do you Smoke? Do you have any Tattoos? are relevant?

Like unless you’re working in a day care with little kids. I don’t really see the purpose in it. Like firstly, smoking doesn’t in any way affect quality of work. Yes, it affects the individuals health and all. But doesn’t affect the work. Tattoos… If you can’t see them with what I’m wearing now, what does it matter?

Similarly have you guys heard in China? They actually ask things like what is your birth sign… Zodiac.. Etc. To see if you’d clash with people or not. It’s like another way to discriminate people or ostracize them. When all these things actually don’t affect quality of work. WORLD. It’s 2016. We’re evolving. Tattoos are acceptable, piercings are acceptable, homosexuality is tolerated and racism is working towards being a thing of the past. Things are changing, people are changing, but why are some people still trying to find ways to reject others. I always find that it is important to be impartial. Even in the F&B line. You can have all kinds of body art and modifications. But you must look presentable, and you must have proper etiquette and mannerism. YES. You can look presentable and un-hooligan-like with tattoos and piercings. It’s all about how you carry yourself. If you behave like one, you will be treated like one. I would never reject someone because of things that are none of my business. Like who they lie in bed with, their ink choices their hair decisions etc. As long as they carry themselves well and are able to the job that I need them to, I don’t care.


What do you think?

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So if you’ve read the previous post. You’d know I braved through hot yoga despite a massive Sunburn. Was it painful? Yes. But not as bad as I thought it’d be. Of course when the sweat trickle down it stings. BUT. I felt like the sweating helped me release more heat from the burn. Is it a science? Probably not. Is it in my head? Maybe.

All in all, has Hot Yoga helped me lose weight? I don’t think so. Not right now at least. But I feel like it has significantly improved my lifestyle. How so?

Well. For starters. I sleep like a baby. I’m usually a night owl who likes to watch my tv shows through the night. I could easily do 8 hours straight. With The Flash.. Agent Carter… Arrow.. Rizzoli & Isles… Castle.. Mom… Big Bang Theory… American Dad.. Bobs Burgers… Once Upon A Time.. Vampire Diaries… The list goes on. Don’t get me hooked on Korean Dramas that’s for sure, I’ll wipe out the whole series in a day. That’s how comitted I am. You might say, not all these shows come out on the same day. True. But I have no qualms about re-watching them over again. Thank you America and your team of brilliant writers. You may have given the world the gift of obesity with your superbly delicious junk food. But you’ve also given the world the standard of entertainment. Thumbs up!


So yesterday, after my Yoga session, made my way home. Thought. Hmm. Let me watch some Agent Carter. They had a 2 hour special. But I couldn’t fight the Zzz Monster. It was to strong. BAM. I was out for the night.

Another benefit I feel that Yoga has bestowed on me. I usually sleep till like.. 12pm.. 1pm.. Like I would sleep double the recommended time I should. Even after that I would feel immensely tired throughout the day. But these days, I get up in the morning. With no Alarm whatsoever. I’ve noticed this after the second lesson. I feel less inclined to stay in bed to snooze, and more motivated to get out of bed to do stuff.

Although I haven’t noticed much weight loss from Yoga yet, I feel like my body awareness is slightly up. I feel slightly lengthier and less unfit. If you know what I mean?

So would I recommend it? Sure why not. But more for a method of benefiting your overall wellness. If you’re looking for more significant weight loss results, then I’d probably say doing a Kickboxing class would be more effective.

Till next time!

I have set myself the mission to clean up my room.

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