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Pig Nose Black Head Removal

So I’m gonna review the Holika Holika Pig Nose Black Head Removal 3 in 1.

Don’t know about you guys or rather ladies mostly. I’m very very lazy when it comes to my skincare regiment. Essentially it’s non existent. From time to time I have bursts of motivation to actually like use Toner then Moisturize. That kind of stuff. But most days it’s just facial wash and that is it! Like everyone of course I yearn from amazing flawless Korean Superstar level skin. Unfortunately my skin has already suffered damage from adolescent pimples and picking. It’s not terrible though. Just ain’t great.

So my mom bought this 3 in 1 for me. I never touched it for months. Till few days back. I got this mother of a stubborn big ass black head on my nose. It’s not one of them tiny ones on your nose. You can significantly tell that it’s like a big black head. I couldn’t squeeze it out either. It was kind of like a introvert you might say. Not protruding out but rather sinking in. So out of desperation I dug the Pig Head out and decided to give it try.


Super cute packaging I must say. All the instructions at the back were in Korean. So obviously could not read them. Went to Youtube for some guidance. Essentially you want to do each step for about 15-20min. The fast and easy explanation of it all.

I was super hopeful when I saw the Youtube reviews. They all seemed very positive. The second step I must say that thing is really sticky. Much more than those normal Biore packs or other Black Head Removal Packs. Like it’s really on there. Made me have a sense of.. HECK YEAH ALL THEM BLACKHEADS GONNA GET ANNIHILATED.

The peeling was really painful. More than others I’ve tried. Also probably because of how firmly stuck on that thing was.

The result. NOT WORTH IT OMG.

It did though, manage to get the surface of the Blackhead. & it made the nose really un-oily. If you get what I mean. Nose oils produce really quickly. Which really makes it hard to squeeze be it pimples or blackheads on the nose. But this made it oil-less for like 5mins or so. So I took the opportunity to squeeze that bitch out. To my success. Thank god. It was like a three layer monster. Like a black head. That birthed another blackhead that birth another blackhead.

After that Step 3. I loved it. Super soothing etc. But not enough apparently. The sides of my nose are still kinda of raw 12 hours later.

All I can say is. The pack might be useful for regular use. That means you kill them baby blackheads early in the game and you repeat the process regularly. You might see promising results. But as a one stop magic black head removal solution. Probably not the best. From what I saw, it didn’t remove much of the blackheads and I have a better product to do what I need. Just that’s it’s slightly messier than this one. This one definitely gives you a lot of convenience.


So you guys will come back obviously.

Till next time! 🙂

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