MOO-V Review #1 : IP Man 3


My friend told me.

:”You watch a lot of shows, you should totally be a film/tv show/cartoon critic!”

At least put all those man hours of hard work and dedication to good use right?

2.5 out of 5


Though is grossed higher than Starwars in Singapore during its release. I’m not too happy about it. Should you watch it? If you’re an IP Man Fan, yes you should. Why should I even when you’re saying the movie sucked. Well because kids, this whole Ip Man 3 was like basically made to set up the background story for Ip Man 4. Which also is what made the movie kind of suck. So assuming you’re a fan, you’d want to watch Part 4 if they decide to go ahead and make it. Which also means, to make sure you follow what they’re saying in 4 you’d need to know what happened in 3. Boom.

*Spoiler Alert*

In all Ip Man movies, there are always a few common themes. Family, comradery, respect, civic mindedness & martial arts. Once again he shows his devotion for his wife when she’s diagnosed with cancer, and accompanies her through a tough time in her life. As usual, there is always some kind of conflict going on, and his disciples as well as himself get roped into doing something complete charitable for the greater good. In this case, patrol his sons school against the hooligans trying to force the principle to sell. Here and there, there’ll be duels and facing off with a whole team of villains to show how powerful Wing Chun is. Which would in turn earn him the respect of his opponents or another fight with more people on another day.

Honestly if you compared Part 1 & 2. They were pretty much similar, but of a different conflict. They did a great job with production and the script. So it was a successful replication of what works. Part 3 however, lacked conviction. You had wars for godsakes, being oppressed by the Japanese, by the English. It was life and death. Now you’re going against small time villains, feels like a downgrade.

Lets do a break down of how Part 3 was a failure. & this is purely my own opinion. You’re welcome to agree with me or not.

Firstly. Why is Bruce Lee freaking there? You put him in the beginning. Gets me excited like OOOOO. Bruce Lee & Ip Man, this is gonna be a riot! But barely 5mins. Bruce Lee is out of the story, and only comes back in the last part to teach you how to dance? Dude. If that was his significance, I rather introduced him in the last part. Whereby you approached him to learn dancing, and he said sure, but you have to teach me the legendary Wing Chun. Done. Concise. For almost the whole duration of the movie I was wondering what the hell was Bruce Lee in the beginning of the story for. What was his significance, and at the end of it, I was disappointed. Had he been any other small fry that would have been okay. But many people are familiar with Bruce Lee, so we expect something.

Secondly, what is with Mike Tyson and his… Chinese Girlfriend? with Chinese Daughter? Like.. Huh? What are those two for. & What is Mike Tyson in there for. Just to get the white demographic to watch the movie? These hooligans pester, hound, threaten and kidnap for the longest time. Only to stop all such behavior after you win a what? 10min max screen time duel with Mike Tyson? Ie. Whole movie would’ve been over had Ip Man just gone to Tyson to face off. That’s so dumb. & he also hired “Ong Bak” to get rid of his Ip Man problem, which failed. The story would have had more conviction and consistency if they just omitted Tyson entirely. Let the hooligans escalate.

Finally, the whole show essentially told me. If there’s part 4, for sure Bruce Lee is going to be in it and his wife would probably be dead by then. If they made 10 Ip Mans, this would be one of the ones I completely forget about. Could have shrunk it to 15mins to show before part 4 and it wouldn’t have made a difference to me.

Yup. So if you’re a fan of the franchise, go and watch it. So you know what’s going on. If you’re not a fan. Then forget it.



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