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Peeling Stages

So right now, my damaged skin has pretty much been peeled off.

Funny story. I had an interview yesterday. So I really didn’t want to go in for an interview with my dead dark skin all over my face. It looked really dirty. More of a homeless lack of skincare look rather than a “The Sun Kissed me to hard look”. So I took a long… long… shower. Same idea as you would when you take a bath. The skin softens in gentle circular motions. Slowly get rid of it.

I would say this is a quick way to peel of your skin. But if not all the skin is ready. You’re gonna have blotches of dark skin in rando places of your face. Mostly I find the nose takes a really long time to heal as well as the upper lip.. My upper lip was one of the first to blister, but till now there are still bits of dead skin that have yet to release their grip on me. Under no circumstances should you force it, or you’ll be left with a perpetual stinging for at least an hour or two. Just like what I’m having now.

Oh by the way. Don’t use facial wash. Those usually tend to have the function of getting rid of oils & dirt. What you need right is them oils to re-moisturize your skin. If you use facial wash you’d find your face peeling unnecessarily and also would become quite painful when it’s all dried out. Then you must be thinking. Then my face would be so dirty?! What am I to do?! Well for me, I just use a little bit of lathered up shower gel. At least it gets the job done. Also there’s no point buying facial wash for sun burnt skin when you’re only going to have it for max a week right. Plus according to my mother, I only trust her source on this as she has a clear flawless face at the age of 50. She says, water is still the best way to wash your face. All kinds of face wash etc etc are gimmicks. I wish I listened years ago. I find that after I started, my face got oilier, I’m more reliant on these products to control my outbreaks etc. Same thing with shaving my legs. Thought it was so grown up of me.  My mom is also hairless in the leg department. I barely had any hair to be honest. But the “grown up” in me instigated this vicious cycle. I felt like after that first shave, the hair grew back thicker.. Faster… & that’s one thing I can never turn back. So if you happen to be prepubescent reading this post. HEED MY ADVICE, DON’T DO ANYTHING UNNECESSARILY.

MRW my skin started to peel after a sunburn - Imgur

So yeah, back to the interview. Lol. I was going for a position at a aesthetic clinic. So they obviously did stuff like Botox… Laser.. All kinds of thing to make your skin beautiful. So here I was. With my burnt ass skin, entering to speak to the doctor.

Why would I do that?!

Competition is high for nice jobs like these that actually pay decently. So expect them to be snagged up real quick. So I kinda had no choice did I. Had I waited for my skin to heal up back to normalcy someone could have already filled the position.

So the Doc was like.. Do you have some kind of Eczema or something. I was like uhhhhh. No Sir.. I just have a really bad Sunburn from fishing on Monday. Funny thing was he actually only felt comfortable to bring it up after like we were half way through the conversation!


But really sweet doctor though. I’ve had one interview with a semi-condescending one. It was kind of insulting. Yes you are a MD. But doesn’t mean make you a better person than I. Definitely lacking in EQ for sure. Like dude. Don’t talk to me like I’m a freaking child that’s never been in the work force in my life. I’m freaking 24. I’ve worked since I was 17, and I have dealt with jackasses like you ever on a daily basis.

Sometimes I feel like just because your IQ is high, doesn’t warrant being a nasty snotty person. After all if illness became a rare thing of the past, people would start to nitpick which doctors to go to wouldn’t they. They definitely won’t be visiting you again. So I really appreciated this doctor, he offered me a position later that day. Oddly in the hiring ad he even put his own number. Not his nurse, not his receptionist. His own number. He was very nice and the interview was more to get to know me to see if I was a good fit, rather than to talk down to me like.. You should do this, you know you shouldn’t do that blah blah..

Another thing, maybe slightly off topic. Do you think that interviewers asking interviewees questions like Do you Smoke? Do you have any Tattoos? are relevant?

Like unless you’re working in a day care with little kids. I don’t really see the purpose in it. Like firstly, smoking doesn’t in any way affect quality of work. Yes, it affects the individuals health and all. But doesn’t affect the work. Tattoos… If you can’t see them with what I’m wearing now, what does it matter?

Similarly have you guys heard in China? They actually ask things like what is your birth sign… Zodiac.. Etc. To see if you’d clash with people or not. It’s like another way to discriminate people or ostracize them. When all these things actually don’t affect quality of work. WORLD. It’s 2016. We’re evolving. Tattoos are acceptable, piercings are acceptable, homosexuality is tolerated and racism is working towards being a thing of the past. Things are changing, people are changing, but why are some people still trying to find ways to reject others. I always find that it is important to be impartial. Even in the F&B line. You can have all kinds of body art and modifications. But you must look presentable, and you must have proper etiquette and mannerism. YES. You can look presentable and un-hooligan-like with tattoos and piercings. It’s all about how you carry yourself. If you behave like one, you will be treated like one. I would never reject someone because of things that are none of my business. Like who they lie in bed with, their ink choices their hair decisions etc. As long as they carry themselves well and are able to the job that I need them to, I don’t care.


What do you think?

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So if you’ve read the previous post. You’d know I braved through hot yoga despite a massive Sunburn. Was it painful? Yes. But not as bad as I thought it’d be. Of course when the sweat trickle down it stings. BUT. I felt like the sweating helped me release more heat from the burn. Is it a science? Probably not. Is it in my head? Maybe.

All in all, has Hot Yoga helped me lose weight? I don’t think so. Not right now at least. But I feel like it has significantly improved my lifestyle. How so?

Well. For starters. I sleep like a baby. I’m usually a night owl who likes to watch my tv shows through the night. I could easily do 8 hours straight. With The Flash.. Agent Carter… Arrow.. Rizzoli & Isles… Castle.. Mom… Big Bang Theory… American Dad.. Bobs Burgers… Once Upon A Time.. Vampire Diaries… The list goes on. Don’t get me hooked on Korean Dramas that’s for sure, I’ll wipe out the whole series in a day. That’s how comitted I am. You might say, not all these shows come out on the same day. True. But I have no qualms about re-watching them over again. Thank you America and your team of brilliant writers. You may have given the world the gift of obesity with your superbly delicious junk food. But you’ve also given the world the standard of entertainment. Thumbs up!


So yesterday, after my Yoga session, made my way home. Thought. Hmm. Let me watch some Agent Carter. They had a 2 hour special. But I couldn’t fight the Zzz Monster. It was to strong. BAM. I was out for the night.

Another benefit I feel that Yoga has bestowed on me. I usually sleep till like.. 12pm.. 1pm.. Like I would sleep double the recommended time I should. Even after that I would feel immensely tired throughout the day. But these days, I get up in the morning. With no Alarm whatsoever. I’ve noticed this after the second lesson. I feel less inclined to stay in bed to snooze, and more motivated to get out of bed to do stuff.

Although I haven’t noticed much weight loss from Yoga yet, I feel like my body awareness is slightly up. I feel slightly lengthier and less unfit. If you know what I mean?

So would I recommend it? Sure why not. But more for a method of benefiting your overall wellness. If you’re looking for more significant weight loss results, then I’d probably say doing a Kickboxing class would be more effective.

Till next time!

I have set myself the mission to clean up my room.

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This is how I feel right now.

Went fishing on Monday. Was great had fun. & the Sun bestowed upon me THE WORST SUNBURN I’VE EVER EXPERIENCED IN MY LIFE.

It burns… It burns so bad. Tried “Earl Grey Remedy” “Vinegar Remedy” FYI. All of them are bullshit. The thing that works best is still a nice cool compress to help release the heat radiating off your face! I can melt ice cubes on this face within seconds. That’s how hot it is. Now I feel like a pruny old lady cause everything feels wrinkled. Lol.

Oh and guess what?



My body be like 40degrees. My face be like a 1000degrees if that was ever possible. I can’t wait for the suffering. Will let you guys know if I survive.

So kids.. Always remember. Protecting yourself from the Sun is not un-cool. It’s so cool it keeps you cool days after you’re done fishing. Or end up like me with a face on fire. If that’s what you like, then go for it. I imagine this is not going to heal up for about a week. Definitely one of the most severe sunburns I’ve gotten in a long time. Very important, you got to keep reapplying sunblock. I did apply in the beginning of the trip. But fishing on a boat is like a 10 hour situation. The sunblock protection is usually gone within the hour. I wore fishing gear which I happily thought was good enough coverage as well. Well it was pretty good for where it covered. My hands and feet however weren’t spared. Looks like I went tanning in a scuba suit if you can imagine. Because the burn is severe, it’s pretty funny looking. White arms, and dark red hands and feet. It’s even agonizing to touch. I’m definitely probably going to invest in those spray on Sunblock. When you fish, your hands get dirty, and other than drinking water available there’s salt water in buckets, but they’re for rinsing off. Not advisable to touch your face with dirty hands or salt water. Why do you have to choose between proper Sun protection and having the ultimate Zit explosion. So best thing to do is Wet tissue, quick and fast easy wipe, spray on the block.

Sounds like a plan.

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MOO-V Review #1 : IP Man 3


My friend told me.

:”You watch a lot of shows, you should totally be a film/tv show/cartoon critic!”

At least put all those man hours of hard work and dedication to good use right?

2.5 out of 5


Though is grossed higher than Starwars in Singapore during its release. I’m not too happy about it. Should you watch it? If you’re an IP Man Fan, yes you should. Why should I even when you’re saying the movie sucked. Well because kids, this whole Ip Man 3 was like basically made to set up the background story for Ip Man 4. Which also is what made the movie kind of suck. So assuming you’re a fan, you’d want to watch Part 4 if they decide to go ahead and make it. Which also means, to make sure you follow what they’re saying in 4 you’d need to know what happened in 3. Boom.

*Spoiler Alert*

In all Ip Man movies, there are always a few common themes. Family, comradery, respect, civic mindedness & martial arts. Once again he shows his devotion for his wife when she’s diagnosed with cancer, and accompanies her through a tough time in her life. As usual, there is always some kind of conflict going on, and his disciples as well as himself get roped into doing something complete charitable for the greater good. In this case, patrol his sons school against the hooligans trying to force the principle to sell. Here and there, there’ll be duels and facing off with a whole team of villains to show how powerful Wing Chun is. Which would in turn earn him the respect of his opponents or another fight with more people on another day.

Honestly if you compared Part 1 & 2. They were pretty much similar, but of a different conflict. They did a great job with production and the script. So it was a successful replication of what works. Part 3 however, lacked conviction. You had wars for godsakes, being oppressed by the Japanese, by the English. It was life and death. Now you’re going against small time villains, feels like a downgrade.

Lets do a break down of how Part 3 was a failure. & this is purely my own opinion. You’re welcome to agree with me or not.

Firstly. Why is Bruce Lee freaking there? You put him in the beginning. Gets me excited like OOOOO. Bruce Lee & Ip Man, this is gonna be a riot! But barely 5mins. Bruce Lee is out of the story, and only comes back in the last part to teach you how to dance? Dude. If that was his significance, I rather introduced him in the last part. Whereby you approached him to learn dancing, and he said sure, but you have to teach me the legendary Wing Chun. Done. Concise. For almost the whole duration of the movie I was wondering what the hell was Bruce Lee in the beginning of the story for. What was his significance, and at the end of it, I was disappointed. Had he been any other small fry that would have been okay. But many people are familiar with Bruce Lee, so we expect something.

Secondly, what is with Mike Tyson and his… Chinese Girlfriend? with Chinese Daughter? Like.. Huh? What are those two for. & What is Mike Tyson in there for. Just to get the white demographic to watch the movie? These hooligans pester, hound, threaten and kidnap for the longest time. Only to stop all such behavior after you win a what? 10min max screen time duel with Mike Tyson? Ie. Whole movie would’ve been over had Ip Man just gone to Tyson to face off. That’s so dumb. & he also hired “Ong Bak” to get rid of his Ip Man problem, which failed. The story would have had more conviction and consistency if they just omitted Tyson entirely. Let the hooligans escalate.

Finally, the whole show essentially told me. If there’s part 4, for sure Bruce Lee is going to be in it and his wife would probably be dead by then. If they made 10 Ip Mans, this would be one of the ones I completely forget about. Could have shrunk it to 15mins to show before part 4 and it wouldn’t have made a difference to me.

Yup. So if you’re a fan of the franchise, go and watch it. So you know what’s going on. If you’re not a fan. Then forget it.


#Lesson 1 in Life

Read  up on your Insurance policy. The terms and conditions as well as the fine print. It’s actually very very important.

Yes. This Life Lesson is on:


#1 Your insurance doesn’t care about you. They care about taking your money, and hoping nothing bad happens to you. That is the only way you’ll get money out of them.

#2 When they sold you the policy. They only cared for highlighting the best points that suck you in. & just like Apple (MacBook, Ipad) terms & conditions. Almost no one reads the tiny words and scrolling through the T&Cs.

#3 If something bad happens with your policy, they’re authorities in the respective countries to contact if something like this happens.


Some of you may say, No… My Insurance does care about me. I’m a agent, or my friend is my agent. That may be so. But what I mean is the organization. Not the person. So don’t get offended. YET. Lol. I may be insulting your company.

We encountered this issue with Great Eastern who will be referred to as GE.

Story Time in Bullet Point for Efficient Transfer:

  1. Received a Bill. It was a premium payment notice. This time my mother noticed a interest accrued. FYI. This premium payment is done once a year.
  2. The problem is, my mom missed a few payments in between. She had this policy since the 90s. In the early 00s when she worked overseas, she overlooked these payments. As normally she makes payment via cheque. Somehow we didn’t receive the statements for payment etc. Completely due to oversight, not due to inability to pay. So once she failed to make payment after 30 days GE began charging APL (Automated Premium Loan) & Interest.
  3. What is APL you ask? The proper definition: Automatic premium loan. An optional provision in life insurance that authorizes the insurer to pay from the cash value any premium due at the end of the grace period. This provision is useful in preventing inadvertent lapse of the policy.Its when your policy has some value in it. The moment you miss a payment, 30 days later. They will charge to APL. For instance if your Insurance Policy has a value of 50k. Your premium is 2k, they will use what value you have in your policy to pay for your policy and continue your policy. By the way. This includes a 6% interest per annum calculated daily. (Remember this point, I’m going to come back to it) So lets say you missed 10 years of payments. Something unfortunately happens to you. You would’ve gotten 100k, but due to missed payments and interests accrued, you’ll only get a payout of 70k. These are all hypothetical figures. Just to get the understanding there.
  4. Called GE, not reachable late 2015. My mother had to return overseas for work. So she left the Insurance agent an e-mail and exchanged quite a few till Feb 2016. The whole e-mailing back and forth was just a tedious unfruitful thing. “Can you help me?” “No, I can’t do shit” was the gist of it. Whilst all this was happening in an attempt to find out what was going on. Interest was hiking up day by day.
  5. Got a meeting with the Customer Service. Another waste of time. The guy was completely incapable and unsympathetic. He showed us papers etc, this and that. Like you signed this policy, it has this mentioned. We send three notices per year, how could you not notice. Another point to note, ALL NOTICES ARE SENT AUTOMATICALLY. The computer does this job not the human. Asked his boss, came back, :”We can only offset 100 dollars from the bill out of goodwill.” But you still gotta pay a few thousand dollars worth of interests. Side note. WTF. If you can offset to begin with, at least make a dent. It’s like laughing at you rather than helping you. Plus 100 dollars doesn’t even cover interest accrued from late 2015- Feb 2016. Where we tried to resolve issue, but was unable to due to GE’s own limitations.
  6. We weren’t asking for a discount or anything. My mother was ready to pay all premiums missed. But she just didn’t want to pay the exorbitant amounts of interest. Some at this point may say: :Dumb Bitch, had you paid there would not be an issue, don’t turn around and blame your insurance company.” True. True. But as I say, this was completely an oversight on my mothers part, WHY DID NO ONE BOTHER TO MAKE CONTACT? She paid consistently for almost 10 years, went AWOL for 4 or 5 years, then started paying again! This is for life insurance btw. SO WHAT IF SHE WAS DEAD? NO ONE BOTHERED TO CHECK? Isn’t there something fishy. So we asked the CSA (Customer Service Agent), why did no one bother to call her, I mean, letters get lost in the mail, misplaced, overlooked. So many things. His response, “Oh, this is the Agents responsibility to contact the customer.” Agent responded:”I’m not the one that made you sign the policy, I took over from someone else that has left the company. So I’m not aware either.” CSA:”The computer will automatically send notices to the Agent to notify if a client has not paid etc.” Agent:”I’ve received no such thing.” Once again, the computers are working harder than the humans.
  7. So I asked the Agent one simple question. If a first year policy holder stops paying will you make contact with them. Agent:” Of course, they don’t have enough value in their policy yet, can’t use APL.” SO ONLY IF THEY CAN’T SQUEEZE MONEY OUT OF YOU. THEN THEY WILL CONTACT YOU. Another thing she said was in the past the practice amount Insurance agents was that they’d tell their clients to default on their premium payments after a period of time. According to her, you still get bonuses for and your insurance value was able to sustain itself. So at first she was saying, I didn’t know you wanted it by the book, it was common practice in the past. DON’T ASSUME. PICK UP A DAMN PHONE & CONTACT YOUR CLIENT. How bout that? Either way she denied receiving any notice about my mothers missed payments and CSA was insisting the computer would’ve automatically sent her a notice. All in all just sounded like a blame game and failed communication between the departments.
  8. Why we expect a call? I mean you’re going to start taking money out of my premium allegedly to pay for what I failed to pay for. As a service provider, shouldn’t GE have the decency to at least notify me that this APL was in effect? Rather than sneak by, and start charging interest. My mother who didn’t know what APL was at the time. When she saw the statements, it was just one sentence at the bottom that said      APL: $…… So not knowing what it was she didn’t think anything of it. It didn’t indicate any interests or anything. She just saw premium amount to be paid. So she paid it.
  9. Conclusion did we get what we want. No we didn’t. Not yet anyway. So we’re filing complaints with the respective authorities that may be able to provide some assistance.

Reading this, it may sound all so stupid. Had you been more careful. Had you been more mindful. Etc etc. True. But sometimes in our busy lives, things get overlooked. A lot of time, we only learn from dropping into the pool of shit. But imagine if you purchased a policy for over 20 years, how could they expect you to remember every term and condition stated. As a customer of GE, I would’ve expected some Customer Service. Keyword SERVICE. But the only Service I’ve constantly received from them, is them asking for my money. That was that. After all it is their job to remember whats in the policies and look after their clients is it not?

Why you’re fucked if you’re not mindful? Well. Because you can’t pull out of a life insurance plan. In certain cases you may, but expect to not make a penny out of it. That’s for sure. So helping you is not entirely their priority. Helping you doesn’t make them more money. Helping you doesn’t get you to pay crazy loanshark like interest rates. So what do you think they’ll do? Help you? Go figure.

Anyway anyway. Yes, this is a rant, yes I’m blaming GE for 99% of all this crap. Because I’m human. Yes. I acknowledge the fact my mother made a booboo.

What was the point of all this?

For you guys to be mindful and learn from my mothers mistakes. Don’t fall into a situation that you’d have to be in a position like us. Of course now we’re fighting it, and we may win or lose this battle. But guys. Best not to even be in the battle. It’s time consuming, its infuriating and most of all it’s exhausting. So if you have any insurance policies or anything like that, give it a look see, make sure you know what you’re in. Make sure you’re premiums are paid. List out all of them, and ensure that they’re paid when they’re due. If you don’t receive a statement when you normally do, you gotta call. They didn’t forget you. They hope you forgot about them though. Lol.

Till next time. I’ll update if anything happens with this.


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UPDATE: New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App

Almost immediately after my post was out. After getting my friends interested and on the verge of signing up. THEY CHANGED THEIR MEMBERSHIP PLAN!

big mistake Passport Asia.

  • Four Star Pass: at SGD 54 this is the smart supplement to your weekly fitness routine. Allows you to book four classes per month.
  • Six Star Pass: combine value and variety at SGD 76. Allows you to book six classes per month.
  • Eight Star Pass: always on track to reach your fitness goals at SGD 98. Allows you to book eight classes per month.
  • Platinum Pro Pass: challenge yourself with a daily workout. Allows you to book up to 31 classes per month at SGD 179.

Gone is $9.99 trial. Gone is the $99 unlimited excess. This is some major inflation bruh.

We were all 101% ready to sign up for Passport Asia, but now. We’ve diversified.




Kfit has a pretty straightforward concept.

Either a Basic plan for $0, but how do they make money?

Well here’s the catch. you only get 1 lesson per month. It’s literally for you to just give it a try. If I’m not wrong it’ll last for 2 months. So you get to try out 2 activities.

Or, All Access Membership, for $99 per month. Normally there’s all sorts of promo codes available and discounts for you to slash that $99 significantly for the first month. Similar to Uber, if your friends sign up, you get $20 off. It’s an all or nothing kind of situation.

But comparing $99 to $179. It’s way more worth it, and you’re not restricted to 31 classes. You could go for 32 if you like. Just to be rebellious. Haha. Plus another fun thing about Kfit, they don’t just have Yoga Studios, Gyms and purely exercising partners. They also have recuperation partners that offer you spas and saunas. Isn’t that wonderful?

Fun things you could do with friends like Trampolining, cycling or even giving it a go at Wavehouse. It’s truly a pass to try out many different new things, and if you feel like giving your workout a miss to have some pampering. Why not!? Go right ahead.

Kfit is also available in various Asian countries.

So there you go guys.

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It’s Chinese New Year!!!


It’s my year! Currently not shy to admit that. I’m 24. The next cycle, I probably won’t announce that. Cause it’ll be 12 years later! Not great according to the Chinese Calendar. If it’s the Year of the Dog, and you’re born in that year, often it doesn’t bode well for you. So expect me to blame everything that goes sideways this year on this fact. Lol.

The day children miraculously become super well behaved and respectful.



Truly. Why? You ask. Well. For the dough duh!


This is a long withstanding tradition of Chinese families.

For my family, on the Eve of CNY we have Steamboat. It’s not uncommon. Very often coined Reunion Dinner. Abalone, meatballs, prawns all cooked in a pot of boiling broth. Having the soup at the end of the meal, is just sublime. All the flavors of sessions passed linger in the now complex flavorsome broth. Then usually proceeded by some light spirited gambling. Common games would be Mahjong, Black Jack, Poker and Pretty much any card game.

Then comes the First day of CNY. Where all people unmarried and young get to receive their red packets. The feeling is joyous. Free money!!! The unmarried part only goes up to you’re 30, and that’s pushing it already. Lol. After 30, just suck it up and prepare some Red Packets. Parents usually also get Red Packets from their kids as a token of appreciation.

The cycle is. Mom & Dad gives Grams & Gramps gives Me & You. Tadah!

Other than the cold hard cash, yet another thing to look forward to is indulgence! All kinds of goodies are bought for the festive occasion. Bak Kwa (Some kinda BBQ Pork of Sorts), Sweets, Sugary Liquids. It’s a time to let yourself loose and allow your waist to expand. Since its the Chinese NEW YEAR. Time for some NEW Resolutions! Haha.

Like for the year 2016 according to the Chinese, I shall look toward losing a chunk of weight, and come out 2017 looking like a supermodel.

& for the next two days, most people aren’t working, and it’s just gonna be enjoying families company, friends even. Being slightly carefree and indulging ourselves.

Wishing all readers good health, good wealth and prosperity.

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