YOGA For Weightloss.



Truthfully. Don’t think just because you can do a few moves that require slightly above average flexibility means you can do Yoga. Lol. Debunked.

My friend & I bought groupons for 90mins Hot Yoga session. In preparation for it, and so as to not waste 90mins sitting in the classroom drinking water and panting. I’ve decided to do some “practice” of sorts. So far, I’m in Day 2.

So let’s just log it as. Starting weight. 70kg. Ninabeh. Eternally short for life: 162cm

So if you have the same stats as I do, then you can probably expect the same results as I would if I prevail. Firstly. I’m following Psychetruth Youtube Channel, 20mins Yoga for Weightloss challenge. They’ve got a bunch of different videos, which allows you follow them throughout the entire workout. The instructor even always provides a “Beginner” move alternative, just in case there are noobs like myself trying to attempt. Preliminary judgement, I think it’s a wonderful channel, and really helpful way if you

A) Don’t want to spend money on professional Yoga lessons.

B) Embarrassed of looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people.

C) Just like the comfort of sweating it out at home.

D) Bought a groupon and realized you could be out of your league.

So anywayyyyyy, tried out at 20min session yesterday. Nothing strenuous like running a 2.4km or anything. Just being stationary and following the instructor. Oh my god. Muscle aches everywhere. EVERYWHERE. My abdomen really aches, my back kind of feels liberated and aches at the same time. My thighs. Really ache. I was sliding in sweat after that workout. What the shit!? Did not expect that at all.

Take away from that practice session,  I need a yoga mat if I want to continue this. It’s really hard to do a lot of the poses after you’ve worked up a sweat and your knees and elbows are trying to escape holding your body weight. (Which I have purchased! On, $14.90 for 8mm thick mat) It claims I’ve achieved major savings, I can’t be sure. But beats what Carousell is offering. Used mats for just a few dollars cheaper mostly Anlene free gift mat or from Guardian. Better off I spend a few more bucks spring for a legit “Exercise Brand Mat”, its called Zanfit.)

Second takeaway, I’m freaking unfit and out of shape. Yoga makes a young person feel really old. I could sprint right now and jump around. But when you’re doing yoga, they test your flexibility and endurance, something that came easily as a youth. But now I’m almost in my mid twenties. I feel the burn. I’ve become so inflexible! Even just straightening my legs in the air seems like something from a far past. Oh my lord. I need to practice more.

Concluding this article, yoga ain’t just for dainty ladies, it’s tough guys. It’s tough. I’m going to keep at it. My groupon is for 8 lessons, so we’ll see how that goes and if I achieve any weight-loss overall after this whole ordeal.

Please let me lose like freaking 10kg or something. 70kg is not normal at all!!!

My plan is to try it out. Day & Night, 20min sessions each. So we’ll see how that works out. No plans to change my diet or anything. This test will be solely on how effective Yoga is as a method of weight-loss on its own, and how good Yoga is in helping with posture & flexibility as I’m in the early stages of chronic back pain & I’ve always had bad posture habits. So we shall see.


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