Why? I went there on holiday for 9 days. Binged like a freaking pig. Came back 1kg lighter. Amazeballs?! Not entirely. Thais actually have a pretty healthy diet. Lots of raw veg, not too much deep fried things, more soups and etc. It isn’t uncommon to go to a roadside stall that provides unlimited Thai Basil Leaves and Beansprouts.

Though I’d like to note that was 12 days ago. I must say I’ve come to develop a new appreciation for bloggers. I used to think, how hard is it to post things and bitch about your life. Not hard at all right. Especially if you have a strong command of English and can easily bang out a 6 page long paper during a span of an hour. That’s pretty strong isn’t it. (Referring to myself.) But I’ve come to realize even to share something as awesome as my trip to Bangkok takes quite a bit of motivation. People think it’s pretty easy, but perhaps it ain’t THAT easy after all. Especially in this day and age. Where there are apps to perfect pictures make ugly people beautiful, fat people skinny. The effort to put out a good article can be a huge one. Considering all the things you have readily accessible. Like. Why post a unflattering image of yourself when you can just edit it, make yourself look like a Supermodel.

Anyways, as an avid traveler to Bangkok, I consider it my second home honestly. I intend to move there latest 2025. Many ask. Who the fuck puts a date on these things. Uh, I do, & so should you if you have plans to move away. If not it’ll just be like every years new years resolution. Starts strong and deflates gradually as the year progresses. I’m always on the hunt for apartments there, checking out the job market. In fact I’ve had a little “light-bulb moment” so if any App developers see this by any chance, please contact me. I’d like to collaborate with you. Also, I reside in Sunny Singapore. So only if you reside in this small dot, or it’ll just be kind of hard to have meetings and such.

Finally, I’m on the hunt for a relaxing part-time job near my home. So if anyone has any leads on such kind of vocations, do let me know. Haha. More updates to come. Just wanted to let you guys know, NOT DEAD YET.



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