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New Discovery! “Passport Asia” App


APP icon looks something like this.


Basically what it is, is sort of like a multi-gym subscription. So what you can do if you’re interested, is to purchase a “PASS”

SGD9.99 [TRIAL] for a WHOLE MONTH of unlimited lessons, but only for 1 class. Which means for instance, Yoga by one establishment. Though it’s really affordable, and for most establishments you’d at least see one class per day, but the downside is that you won’t be able to enjoy the true benefits of this Passport App. Why? Because in my head. You’re suppose to be an individual on the go, always with a spare change of clothes. Hmmm… Have an hour to spare? Heck yeah, let’s whip out our App & see what workouts are nearby, then off you go to get your sweat on.

On the other hand though, SGD9.99 is really a great price if you’re thinking like, I want to learn some Taekwando or Akido, some discpline of martial arts. Normally even for outside lessons, you’d attend them once a week. So being able to attend every few days already ensures that you learn faster.

SGD59 [BASIC] Similar structure. But instead of 1 class. You get to pick up to 4 classes.

SGD 99.99 [UNLIMITED] You know what this means. All access to all they have to offer. Which boasts of 40,000 different activities available to sign up for.

A quick download of the APP would already display their comprehensive list of activities offered. Which I think is really great. If you’re unsure about whether you’d like an activity or a class. You can always try it out. Booking of lessons also go through the APP to ensure that your spot is reserved. So you need not commit a large amount of money for the class whatsoever. That’s fantastic!

However, disclaimer, there are some participating studios that limit the amount of times you may visit them per month. So it could be once a week or twice a month. So be sure to check on the various gyms schedules on the APP. Whether they do impose a restriction.

Am I the only one just new to this? This APP though is limited to ASIA. But as I understand they’re many other alternatives similar to the APP in the market. So I’m pretty confident the rest of the world has something of sorts but of a different name. I just have to say. Pretty good deal, to try out various exercises and workouts.

I think one of the bigger surprises is that because they’ve already done all the work sourcing the various gyms, one of the functions included are being able to see “What’s Near Me?” I never knew some of the gyms were just situated 10-15mins away from home. Had I known sooner, things would have been way more convenient. Definitely worth a try. I’m still browsing all the different classes & schedules to see what peaks my interests. 🙂

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How is Yoga going?

Horrendously! That’s how its going.

I can’t say for certain whether I’m doing it right like how the Youtube masters are doing it. But whatever I’m doing. I can tell ya. It’s completely the opposite of what I thought Yoga was going to be.

I’m pretty sure most of us have the misconception that yoga is easy. Just holding poses and staying there, all about meditating etc. NO. From what I gather. The poses are just a gateway to a world of pain. It’s all about strengthening every strengthenable (yes, it’s not a word. I created it) part of your body.


Cue shattering game show buzzer.

The poses may be easy to do. On their own. But the pain starts when they’re just the first step to transitioning to the next pose, and it is THAT, holding the positioning, crunching your fats to maintain the pose that starts to bring in the pain. Woo.

From doing a few sessions of Yoga. My take away is that my legs are freak ass weak. 10mins into the session they start to tremble. Though sitting down with my legs straight I can touch my toes no problem, doing that same thing on my back, is another story.

But I shall keep at it. We’ll see how it goes. I’m pretty satisfied based on the amount of sweat I’m producing. Makes me feel like I had a good workout. How many calories am I really burning though. Can’t say for sure.

Another point I’d like to make after I’ve collected my Yoga mat. It’s great. It really helps a lot, because exercises laying on your back without any kind of protection is just pure torture and could be doing more harm than good. However! I feel like since we’re so advanced in the new age and shit. The mat should be kind of Anti-Slip. I mean it’s already difficult as it is, doesn’t help when your hands or feet are sliding working against you. Even not for the whole mat. Just the top and bottom portion where we normally put our hands and feet. After all the mat is to “shield” us from injury, mainly on our back.


Till next time!

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Where is my VISA!?



Don’t we all have sudden panic attacks. Did I leave my phone somewhere? Did I drop my money at the shopping mall just now?!

I have many of these moments, because I just love, for convenience sake to take out my debit card.. My identification card… My student card.. My ez-link card.. & I forget to put it back into my wallet 9/10 times.

So today! I had a tuition lesson at Bugis. Oh my lord. I panicked so hard. I had like $6 in my wallet. Obviously to be on the safe side you should carry like at least $10 bucks when traveling beyond your neighborhood area.

My tutee messaged me to inform me that he’ll be late. Like 15mins late. So I was like YES! I have time to look for my card. I was scurrying all over looking for that bloody card. I even logged in to the DBS App to check my last charge on the card to give me a clue of where it could be. Alas. Fuck it. I went to Bugis with just $6. Couldn’t even get the Large size drink at Coffeebean. FML. Seriously I wished we were at a hawker center or something. When the barista keyed in the first order wrong, I was like oh shit, its $7.90?! I thought it was $6.50. How am I going to pay for that. Thankfully. She realized her error. Phew. Can’t say I would’ve known better. I don’t go to Coffeebean often.

On the way home, all I could think about is Where the Fuck is my card. Did I drop it. Could someone be holding 0n to it. What if they use it. Fuck Fuck Fuck.

Finally reached home. Scrambled all over the house like a rock hitting a school of fishes. FINALLY I FOUND IT! Thank goodness. Was starting to lose my mind a bit.

Conclusion, couldn’t collect my Yoga mat cause I opted for Cash on Delivery. Bummer.

Couldn’t go to the vet to pick up my dog’s deworming pills.

Cash is King. Truly. All of the above will carry forward to Sunday’s to-do list. 😦


Update: I’m still aching from just 2 20mins Yoga session from yesterday. WTF.

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YOGA For Weightloss.



Truthfully. Don’t think just because you can do a few moves that require slightly above average flexibility means you can do Yoga. Lol. Debunked.

My friend & I bought groupons for 90mins Hot Yoga session. In preparation for it, and so as to not waste 90mins sitting in the classroom drinking water and panting. I’ve decided to do some “practice” of sorts. So far, I’m in Day 2.

So let’s just log it as. Starting weight. 70kg. Ninabeh. Eternally short for life: 162cm

So if you have the same stats as I do, then you can probably expect the same results as I would if I prevail. Firstly. I’m following Psychetruth Youtube Channel, 20mins Yoga for Weightloss challenge. They’ve got a bunch of different videos, which allows you follow them throughout the entire workout. The instructor even always provides a “Beginner” move alternative, just in case there are noobs like myself trying to attempt. Preliminary judgement, I think it’s a wonderful channel, and really helpful way if you

A) Don’t want to spend money on professional Yoga lessons.

B) Embarrassed of looking like an idiot in front of a bunch of people.

C) Just like the comfort of sweating it out at home.

D) Bought a groupon and realized you could be out of your league.

So anywayyyyyy, tried out at 20min session yesterday. Nothing strenuous like running a 2.4km or anything. Just being stationary and following the instructor. Oh my god. Muscle aches everywhere. EVERYWHERE. My abdomen really aches, my back kind of feels liberated and aches at the same time. My thighs. Really ache. I was sliding in sweat after that workout. What the shit!? Did not expect that at all.

Take away from that practice session,  I need a yoga mat if I want to continue this. It’s really hard to do a lot of the poses after you’ve worked up a sweat and your knees and elbows are trying to escape holding your body weight. (Which I have purchased! On, $14.90 for 8mm thick mat) It claims I’ve achieved major savings, I can’t be sure. But beats what Carousell is offering. Used mats for just a few dollars cheaper mostly Anlene free gift mat or from Guardian. Better off I spend a few more bucks spring for a legit “Exercise Brand Mat”, its called Zanfit.)

Second takeaway, I’m freaking unfit and out of shape. Yoga makes a young person feel really old. I could sprint right now and jump around. But when you’re doing yoga, they test your flexibility and endurance, something that came easily as a youth. But now I’m almost in my mid twenties. I feel the burn. I’ve become so inflexible! Even just straightening my legs in the air seems like something from a far past. Oh my lord. I need to practice more.

Concluding this article, yoga ain’t just for dainty ladies, it’s tough guys. It’s tough. I’m going to keep at it. My groupon is for 8 lessons, so we’ll see how that goes and if I achieve any weight-loss overall after this whole ordeal.

Please let me lose like freaking 10kg or something. 70kg is not normal at all!!!

My plan is to try it out. Day & Night, 20min sessions each. So we’ll see how that works out. No plans to change my diet or anything. This test will be solely on how effective Yoga is as a method of weight-loss on its own, and how good Yoga is in helping with posture & flexibility as I’m in the early stages of chronic back pain & I’ve always had bad posture habits. So we shall see.


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Why? I went there on holiday for 9 days. Binged like a freaking pig. Came back 1kg lighter. Amazeballs?! Not entirely. Thais actually have a pretty healthy diet. Lots of raw veg, not too much deep fried things, more soups and etc. It isn’t uncommon to go to a roadside stall that provides unlimited Thai Basil Leaves and Beansprouts.

Though I’d like to note that was 12 days ago. I must say I’ve come to develop a new appreciation for bloggers. I used to think, how hard is it to post things and bitch about your life. Not hard at all right. Especially if you have a strong command of English and can easily bang out a 6 page long paper during a span of an hour. That’s pretty strong isn’t it. (Referring to myself.) But I’ve come to realize even to share something as awesome as my trip to Bangkok takes quite a bit of motivation. People think it’s pretty easy, but perhaps it ain’t THAT easy after all. Especially in this day and age. Where there are apps to perfect pictures make ugly people beautiful, fat people skinny. The effort to put out a good article can be a huge one. Considering all the things you have readily accessible. Like. Why post a unflattering image of yourself when you can just edit it, make yourself look like a Supermodel.

Anyways, as an avid traveler to Bangkok, I consider it my second home honestly. I intend to move there latest 2025. Many ask. Who the fuck puts a date on these things. Uh, I do, & so should you if you have plans to move away. If not it’ll just be like every years new years resolution. Starts strong and deflates gradually as the year progresses. I’m always on the hunt for apartments there, checking out the job market. In fact I’ve had a little “light-bulb moment” so if any App developers see this by any chance, please contact me. I’d like to collaborate with you. Also, I reside in Sunny Singapore. So only if you reside in this small dot, or it’ll just be kind of hard to have meetings and such.

Finally, I’m on the hunt for a relaxing part-time job near my home. So if anyone has any leads on such kind of vocations, do let me know. Haha. More updates to come. Just wanted to let you guys know, NOT DEAD YET.