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Bought a atas looking weighing scale from, now known as ensogo.

Why they change the name? No freaking idea. I’m so used to the blue app icon. Still gives me trouble searching for it. If anyone doesn’t know yet. I’m a ensogo fan 100%. I just like browsing through deals, new products, new treatments etc.


Back to main topic. Atas weighing machine. Chronovski Elegance. Lol. Here’s what it looks like but mine’s black.

CHRONOVSKI uClear Digital Weighing Scale sport diet Personal Scales Transparent Electronic Body Trainer BMI Machines Kitchen Bathroom Scales Fat Analysis Machine

It’s supposed to be able to measure a ton of stuff like your fat percentage… Hydration percentage… Muscle percentage…

So here’s mine. What a way to end 2015. WTF!!!??

Body Weight: 70.6kg  (OVERWEIGHT!)

Fat Percentage: 34.5%

Hydration Percentage: 48.1%  (SEVERELY DEHYDRATED)

Muscle Percentage: 30.5%

Bone Weight: 3

BMI: 27.2

KCAL Permeter: 1324

It even blinked a small “overweight” sign next to my body weight. I have totally lost sight and mind of my own freaking weight. It’s outta control. & tomorrow I’m flying off to Bangkok. So how now?! Like going to get heavier right. 😦

We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve never hit above 65kg yet till now. Or maybe a few months ago since I’ve not been measuring myself regularly or anything. Hitting a new digit. Its horrendous. Not like I got any taller.

So far the weighing machine is pretty great though. Lets you key in your age height gender etc, so as to allow you to refer to the chart accordingly.

Check back in a week.


Test Subject 1,000,000

How many of us have created blogs?

I would dare say 90% of people from the 90s generation onward have tried, and it was a trend it came and left. But the community is still growing. People started blogs as online diaries, then it became an avenue to discover new things and from then on it exploded to something no one imagined. A form of marketing to access the masses.

I myself have tried countless of times. But as much as we see blogging personalities as who they are, to put it down simply, they are writers. Writers like authors. They have things to say, and a voice that wants to be heard. That is why many of us fail is it not? We run out of things to say, so eventually it dies.

From simply providing interesting stories, it has evolved to more than that. It has videos, it has images and so much more.

So I’m going to try one last time, because I think I have an interesting enough things to write about, and I see that there are still certain areas that are lacking, or things that we want to know that just aren’t out there yet, because new things come by every minute, second, day, week etc etc.

One person can’t possibly try everything. But they can try. 🙂

So personal goal for 2016, is the post regularly, see this through & hopefully make something out of it.